MJX Bugs 2

MJX Bugs 2: The Versatile Bugs 3 Gets an Upgrade

MJX Bugs 2

Starting under $200

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability















  • PROS:
  • ▪ Excellent Range
  • ▪ Powerful and Efficient Brushless Motors
  • CONS:
  • ▪ Disappointing camera
  • ▪ No gimbal


  • Range: 1000 meters
  • Flight Time: 18 minutes
  • Size: Full
  • Camera: 1080p

The Newest Bug from MJX

MJX has been working hard to expand the Bugs Series of brushless motor quads. In addition to the Bugs 2, which is the focus of this article, MJX is also working on a Bugs 8 and Bugs 6. And let’s not forget the original Bugs 3, one of our favorite no-frills brushless drones. No, we don’t understand the numbering they use when naming new drones, but we do like the way they fly. Before we dive in deeper with the Bugs 2, we should also mention that there are alternative F100 drone options if you don’t like the “buggy” look.

Bugs 2 vs Bugs 3
Bugs 9 in black, Bugs 3 in red and Bugs 2 in white.

The MJX Bugs 3 was a breath of fresh air. Finally, there was an affordable and versatile ready-to-fly brushless drone that could carry an action camera or just be used to fly faster than its geared brushed-motor competitors. Now MJX has built the successor to the popular Bugs 3, and they called it the Bugs 2. There are in fact two different Bugs 2 drones. The Bugs B2C and the top-of-the line Bugs B2W.

Let’s take a quick look at the different Bugs models below. 


B2W vs B2C
Take a look at the Bugs 2 B2W in black and B2C in white

What’s New with the Bugs 2?

Yes, that’s right, the Bugs 2 is the official successor to the Bugs 3. While we can’t say we understand the numbering convention, we can say we like the additions it brings to the table. The Bugs 2 seems to be a very similar drone, but they added a built-in HD camera, altitude hold, and GPS.

Bugs B2W
Check out the Bugs B2W from all angles.

The GPS and altitude hold are welcome additions to the Bugs lineup of drones. The Bugs 2 is a more stable aircraft and even better suited for aerial photography than the Bugs 3. The GPS signal allows the Bugs 2 to add a return-to-home and a follow me feature that the Bugs 3 did not have. Don’t expect excellent photographs out of the Bugs 2. If you want better pictures we still recommend strapping your action camera to the bottom of a Bugs 3. You will be giving up some of the features of the Bugs 2 but the image quality will likely be better out of a dedicated action camera. 

Like the Bugs 3, the Bugs 2 will be available in black and red, but it will also be available in white. So now you’ll have three color options to choose from depending on which model you choose.

B2C vs B2W
While the B2C (right) has a plastic motor housing, it actually has a better thrust to weight ratio in our testing.

There are two versions of the new Bugs 2. The standard version, known as the Bugs B2C, will have all the features listed above. The MJX Bugs B2W will come with FPV streamed to your smartphone via WiFi. There are a few other differences as well.

Bugs 2 thrust compared to Bugs 3 and DJI
The Bugs 2 is not as light or powerful as the Bugs 3, but all Bugs models beat out the DJI Spark.

Even though the  Bugs B2W  generates a little less thrust and is a little heavier than the B2C it turns out they max out at the same top speed. The B2W also has a camera with a wider field of view than the B2C. We measured the B2W to have a 98° horizontal field of view while the B2C has a smaller 82° field of view.

Bugs 2 vs Bugs 3
The Bugs 2 B2W is getting ready on our thrust testing setup.

Wait, there are TWO Bugs 2’s?

Yes, if MJX numbering system wasn’t confusing enough, you still need to understand the difference between the two different Bugs 2 models. The B2C is the base model and it is only found in white. The biggest upgrade to the B2W is the addition of FPV, or first person view. You can see where you are flying from the perspective of the drone. It even has a WiFi FPV range of up to 200 meters, but in reality, expect the 720p signal to be good for about 100 meters reliably when there is little or no interference. To help make FPV navigation easier, MJX has increased the field of view of the B2W. This does make flying FPV easier, but the downside is that you can see the propellers in the video. Because the B2W includes an FPV feed we would recommend the B2W over the B2C.

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Bugs 2 Specs

These are some of the specs that are currently available, the final production models may be different.

Range: 800-1000 meters
Flight Time: 15-18 minutes
Camera: 1080p
FPV: 720p WiFi signal 100-200 meter range
Motors: MT1806 1800KV Brushless Motors
Quadcopter Size: 16 x 16 x 3 inches

Bugs 2 quad
Take a look at the underside of the MJX Bugs 2. It seems to be missing a connection point for an action camera or gimbal.

Will It Be as Versatile as the Bugs 3?

A downside to this drone is that it looks like it is losing the gimbal/action camera connection point on the bottom of the drone. We were able to connect various cameras and gimbals on the Bugs 3. Getting stabilized footage from the Walkera 2-axis gimbal or full 360-degree videos from the LG 360 Cam is a big part of what made the Bugs 3 such a versatile drone.  The good news is that it isn’t hard to come up with a way to attach a camera to the new Bugs 2.

Bugs 3 Gimbal
Watch the versatile Bugs 3 with different camera configurations.

Should You Get a Bugs 2?

Overall, we were excited to get our hands on the Bugs 2. It is hard to find a good GPS drone under $300 and the Bugs 2 starts under $200. It definitely is a solid option if you want a GPS enabled drone. While the camera isn’t ideal you could easily add an action camera for solid video. We’d love to see MJX add 5.8G FPV and even a dedicated gimbal, but maybe that is what they have planned for the Bugs 4 or Bugs 12. We can’t predict MJX’s naming strategy, after all, the next Bugs model coming out will be the Bugs 8, a RTF racing drone.

Check the price of the Bugs 2 B2W 
Check the price of the Bugs 2 B2C 


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