Phantom 4 Accessories

Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro Accessories

You’ve just flown your Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro for the first time and you loved it. Then you realized you needed to wait for your battery to charge before you can fly again. Batteries aren’t the aren’t the only thing you need (or want) to make your P4 or P4 Pro experience the best it can be. Either click here to go straight to the Amazon aStore we created, or read on to learn more. We scoured the internet to find you the best Phantom 4 accessories at the best prices. For example, the well-reviewed battery charger we found is less than half the price of the official DJI charger that does the same thing.

Not familiar with Amazon aStores?  The aStore we created is nothing more than a curated list of products that we recommend. It is an easy way for you to add things to your Amazon cart. When you are done picking items you are interested in, you can select “Proceed to checkout” and it will send you to Amazon. There you will have an opportunity to add the items you selected to your Amazon cart.

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Drone Parts and Upgrades

Props and batteries are an absolute must for new owners. If you forked over the cash for a Phantom 4 then you probably want to take high-quality video. Make your videos look professional with camera filters. The circular polarizer will cut down on glare and the ND filters will help with shots into the sun and any artifacts that might show up with high frame rate in bright situations. If you want better glass you can try out the PolarPro filters.  HobbyTiger makes a combo kit with a sunshade to help with stray light and an easy-to-use gimbal lock if you are tired of the one that comes with the P4.  Prop guards are another option that some people like. We put a nice example of a drone wrap into our aStore, these are also known as “skins” or “decals”. Search for a variety of skins by following this link to Phantom 4 Skins.

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Remote Parts and Upgrades

Now that your P4 or P4 Pro is fully outfitted, it’s time to fix up your remote and screen. You are going to want a compact USB cable to hook up to your Apple or Android smart device. If you are set on trying out FPV, then the choice of the FPV drone community is the FatShark Dominator V3. This kit comes with everything you need for a glare-free view of what your drone sees. If you have the Phantom 4 Pro, you are all set with just the goggles. If you have the base Phantom 4 you will notice that there is not an HDMI output port. You can upgrade your remote by picking up the HDMI output module. If you want a little extra range on the cheap, you can check out a pair of very affordable antenna boosters. They are directional, so face the drone if you want them to help, rather than hinder, performance. Sunshades for your transmitter are very helpful for helping you see your screen, they are available in sizes for tablets as well as smartphones. We recommend a skin for your remote that protects the remote while helping you remember what each button is used for. If you do a lot of flying you may want to think about the very affordable shoulder strap to cut down on arm fatigue.

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Supporting Equipment

Now that your drone and remote are outfitted, there are some other Phantom 4 accessories, like backpacks and chargers, that you should consider. There are a variety of cases and bags available for the Phantom 4 lineup. We recommend an affordable softshell backpack. There are also harder and more waterproof options available at reasonable prices. You will need a bigger memory card if you are recording in 4K. The SanDisk Extreme is fast but if you need the best you can pick up an Extreme Pro. The faster write speed should help with burst mode and high-resolution recording. If you don’t have one already, you will need a card reader for your micro SD cards to review your awesome videos on your computer. We also found you a very affordable multi-charger, you definitely want one of those. For charging on the road we recommend an inexpensive but well-reviewed power inverter so you can charge on the go. You will find plenty of other uses for the inverter and it makes more sense than getting a separate charger for your car. Finally, get a T-shirt and tell the world you fly the Phantom 4.

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Tools and Materials

A prop balancer is recommended by all the pros. Balanced props will help reduce vibrations, extend the life of your drone and reduce artifacts in your videos. You can balance the props with little bits of tape.  Double-sided tape, velcro, zip ties, and glue are great things to have around for minor drone repairs or modifications. Pick up some lens cloths for your camera and filters if you don’t have them already. If you don’t have a good set of drivers and tools for electronics we can vouch for the set from Oria, they work well and are much less expensive than the set made by iFixIt.

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