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Mavic Accessories (Filters and More for the Air and Pro)

Freewell has a ton of great accessories for your DJI drone. We were lucky enough to test a few products for our Mavics. If you want something for your Mavic, Spark or Phantom then you should take a look at Freewell. Let’s take a closer look at a few different accessories.

Take a look at Freewell’s Amazon Store

Mavic Air Filters

Mavic Air filter
Take a look at the Mavic Air with the Freewell ND8 CPL filter.

If you are a serious photographer then you know that the sun can play havoc with your shots. Filters can help you get the perfect shot. Freewell has a wide variety of ND and CPL filters that will work with your Mavic Air. We’ve tested them and they work great. As an added bonus they even look cooler. Learn more about FreeWell Mavic Air filters here.

CPL and ND filters for Mavic Air
This pack of filters from Freewell is impressive

Freewell has even designed an ND1000 filter. This one is pretty dark and is recommended for long exposure.

Mavic Air filter
Take a look at the ND1000 on the Mavic Air

Monitor Hood/Sunshade

Freewell sunshade
This is an excellent sunshade for your Mavic or Phantom.

This sunshade or monitor hood will work with just about any DJI product. If you have flown on sunny days then you know that the glare coming off your smartphone screen can make seeing details difficult. This hood does an excellent job of blocking the sun so you can see the video on your screen. We highly recommend this one. We have tested a handful of these screens and this one is our favorite. It works great with our Mavics as well as with our Phantom 4. Learn more about the hoods and shades from Freewell here.

phantom 4 pro sunshade
The same hood that works on the Mavic works on the Phantom.

Mavic/Spark Tablet Mount

Mavic Air tablet mount
The tablet mount by Freewell will hold a full-size tablet.

Freewell has also developed a high-quality tablet mount for your Mavic or Spark. The DJI controller wasn’t designed to hold a tablet so they created this solution for you. If you like a bigger monitor to view while flying then we definitely recommend this one from Freewell. Learn more about the tablet mounts from Freewell here.

Mavic Air tablet mount
The Freewell tablet mount is well designed for the Mavic Air, Pro or Spark.

Mavic Air Bag

mavic air case
You can see there is a place for 4 batteries and a handful of other accessories with this case.

The bag that comes with the Mavic Air in the Fly more package is nice, but things are crammed in pretty tightly. It doesn’t have a hard shell for protection and if you aren’t a fan of the “man-bag” style you may be looking for another case. This one by Freewell is quite nice. It is sturdy and can hold quite a few accessories. We definitely recommend taking a closer look.

Mavic Air Backpack
This Mavic Air case is compact and well put together.

So if you are looking for accessories for your Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Spark, Phantom or even GoPro then you need to take a look at Freewell.

Launch Pads

best launch pad
Take a look at the Mavic Air on the Freewell launch pad.

Having a launch pad for your drone is an excellent idea, no matter what you are flying. It will help keep your drone from getting dirty. It can also protect it from dirt or sand that might be kicked up during takeoff or landing. We like the landing pad from Freewell and it can be reversed to show either yellow or orange markings for landing. Pick one up today.

freewell drone accessories
Have a look at our Mavic Pro on the yellow side of the Freewell launch pad.
Take a look at Freewell’s Amazon Store
freewell dji accessories
We really like the high-quality accessories from Freewell.

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