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The Drone Guyz have put together some detailed drone reviews for you.  We have logged countless hours researching, flying, testing and crashing drones.  The Drone Guyz want to help you find the drone that bests fits you and what you need and want.  There are a lot of different drones out there.  Our goal is to help you determine the best drone for you.

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URUAV UR85 HD Bushido

URUAV UR85 HD -My favorite Cinewhoop

The URUAV UR85 HD Bushido is another ready-to-go Cinewhoop. This one is basically a larger version of the Mobula 7 HD as they share most of the internal components. However, the URUAV UR85 HD has larger propellers and performs a little more like a typical acro/race quad. While it still isn’t something I’d recommend for …

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