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The Drone Guyz have put together some detailed drone reviews for you.  We have logged countless hours researching, flying, testing and crashing drones.  The Drone Guyz want to help you find the drone that bests fits you and what you need and want.  There are a lot of different drones out there.  Our goal is to help you determine the best drone for you.

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emax tinyhawk upgrade

Upgrade your Emax Tinyhawk

I love the Emax Tinyhawk. It is absolutely one of the best beginner FPV quads that you can buy. It is incredibly durable, fun to fly and the ready to fly package might just be the best FPV deal on the planet. I’ve flown hundreds of batteries with this quad. That means I’ve crashed it …

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dji iron man tello

Tello: Iron Man Edition

The Ryze Tello is one of our absolute favorite drones for a beginner. The original Tello features an HD camera that is stabilized and a handful of intelligent flight modes. Not only that but it is small and portable and the original version is only $99. It is an excellent first drone. Now DJI and …

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Best drones now

Best Drones Now

Best Drones, March 2019 What is the best drone? That seems like a simple question, but it is actually impossible to answer. A better question is, “What is the best drone for you?” The answer to that question depends on what you are looking for. With Christmas around the corner be sure to check out …

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