how to pass the faa part 107 exam

How to Pass the FAA’s Part 107 Exam

The FAA’s part 107 exam is a necessary evil for anyone that wants to use their drone commercially. Unfortunately for drone pilots, the questions are mainly unrelated to flying a drone. The FAA wants you to understand the National Airspace system, be able to read sectional charts, read a METAR weather report and identify the …

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Newbeedrone hummingbird v3

Hummingbird v3 by NewBeeDrone

Looking for an entry-level FPV drone that packs a punch? The NewbeeDrone Hummingbird V3 has a lot going for it and is only $89. Designed for tiny whoop enthusiasts, this compact quadcopter comes loaded with features that make it stand out in a crowded market. NewBeeDrone Hummingbird Tiny Whoop At the heart of the Hummingbird …

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Specta Mini Drone

Specta Mini Drone (DJI Mini 4K)

The Specta Mini drone is a new option in the growing sub-250 gram drone market. Much like the Specta Air, the Specta Mini borrows its hardware and software from DJI. Bearing a striking resemblance to the renowned DJI Mini 2, this pint-sized flyer packs a punch, offering many features at a wallet-friendly price point. Some …

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Holy Stone HS900 Sirius

The Holy Stone HS900 Sirius is an intriguing mini drone option. While they have some solid options this is clearly their best drone to date, this compact aerial gadget boasts impressive features that cater to both beginners and seasoned drone enthusiasts. Holy Stone HS900 Sirius One standout feature of the HS900 is its weight. Weighing …

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Best DJI Mini drone

From Mavic Mini to DJI Mini 4 Pro

Today, I want to dive into the world of DJI mini drones and help you figure out which one might be the perfect fit for your aerial adventures. In this review, we’ll be comparing four models: the Mavic Mini (original), Mini 2, Mini 3 Pro, and Mini 4 Pro. So, buckle up and let’s explore …

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mobula6 2024 mobula 6 eco

Mobula6 2024 and Mobula6 ECO

The Happymodel Mobula6 is an iconic 65mm tiny whoop. Happymodel has improved upon their design every year and the 2024 version is no exception. This little quad is lighter and quicker than last years model. There are two new and exciting versions to choose from. The analog version was built with tiny whoop racers in …

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