K11 Shoot | A Drone with a gun

The XKJh K11 Shoot or K11 Max drone has a distinct feature—a water bead cannon mounted on top. Priced at a reasonable $45, the drone diverges from the traditional. It is an interesting option but isn’t going to be a good option as a camera drone. The drone looks like it has three cameras, but …

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scoot skeet drone

Force1 Scoot Skeet

I recently had a chance to try out the Force1 Scoot Skeet, a delightful twist on drone entertainment that offers simple fun for users of all ages. The combination of the popular Scoot drone with an added infrared blaster brings a new dimension to the experience without the complexities of high-end drones. Force1 Scoot Skeet …

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BetaFPV Aquila16

BetaFPV Aquila 16 | All in one FPV

If you’re dipping your toes into the world of FPV drones and looking for a beginner-friendly option, the BetaFPV Aquila 16 AIO Kit could be the hassle-free choice you’re seeking. We’ll take a closer look at the features, specs, and components of this all-in-one kit, offering insights for those starting their FPV journey. BetaFPV Aquila …

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Xiaomi Fimi X8 Mini V2

In the quest for drones under $300, the Xiaomi Fimi X8 Mini V2 stood out as a practical choice. This second iteration offers a streamlined experience, and I recently had the chance to examine its features. It is a definite rival to the Potensic Atom, CFly Faith Mini, and DJI Mini 2 SE. Fimi X8 …

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Sub250 Nanofly20 fpv drone

Sub250 Nanofly20 Review: The Tiny Freestyle Drone You Need*

The Sub250 Nanofly20 is a small and lightweight freestyle quad. It is a palm-sized 2S ripper with the Redfox A2 AIO flight controller featuring a 12 amp ESC and built-in ELRS serial-based receiver. The 1002, 14,000 kv motors are pushing 51 mm tri-blade propellers. This setup provides quite a punch for this 40-gram quadcopter. Learn …

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