First Person View Flying (FPV)

We love flying FPV. Take a look at some of our favorite drones and accessories.

mobula6 2024 mobula 6 eco

Mobula6 2024 and Mobula6 ECO

The Happymodel Mobula6 is an iconic 65mm tiny whoop. Happymodel has improved upon their design every year and the 2024 version is no exception. This little quad is lighter and quicker than last years model. There are two new and exciting versions to choose from. The analog version was built with tiny whoop racers in …

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BetaFPV Aquila16

BetaFPV Aquila 16 | All in one FPV

If you’re dipping your toes into the world of FPV drones and looking for a beginner-friendly option, the BetaFPV Aquila 16 AIO Kit could be the hassle-free choice you’re seeking. We’ll take a closer look at the features, specs, and components of this all-in-one kit, offering insights for those starting their FPV journey. BetaFPV Aquila …

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BetaFPV Pavo20

BetaFPV Pavo20 Review: A Lightweight Powerhouse for Enthusiasts

When it comes to FPV drones, BetaFPV has been making waves in the market with their innovative designs and improved performance. In this review, we’ll dive into the BetaFPV Pavo20, a drone that promises to deliver an exceptional flying experience while remaining under the 250g weight limit. Pavo20 Design and Build The Pavo20 has taken …

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emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD (1)

Tinyhawk 3 PLUS HD

Emax has released the HD Tinyhawk 3+ with built-in HD Zero, and it’s a great addition to their lineup. There are two versions available, the HD with HD Zero and an analog version, The primary difference between the two is weight, with the analog version being lighter and more agile for acrobatics, while the HD …

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MEPS Motors, Flight Controllers and More

When it comes to building or upgrading a drone, choosing the right components is crucial for achieving optimal performance. In the world of drone hardware, Mepsking or MEPS is a new and affordable source for motors, flight controllers, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) and even propellers. We’ll delve into what makes MEPS components a popular choice …

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Mobula 8 HD with DJI O3

Mobula 8 HD | The mini Avata

The HappyModel Mobula8 HD paired with the DJI 03 unit is a game-changer in the world of micro FPV drones. This compact yet powerful combo opens up a new realm of possibilities for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. Its 85mm form factor is one of the smallest and lightest cinewhoops to offer the DJI …

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betafpv meteor 75 pro hd walksnail

Meteor 75 Pro HD

The Meteor75 Pro is not your typically tiny whoop quad. Most tiny whoops come in two flavors. They are either 65mm or 75mm versions. Almost all of them have 0802 motors of varying kv and a handful have the smaller 0702 brushless motors. The 65mm quads push 31 mm props and the 75 mm versions …

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