emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD (1)

Tinyhawk 3 PLUS HD

Emax has released the HD Tinyhawk 3+ with built-in HD Zero, and it’s a great addition to their lineup. There are two versions available, the HD with HD Zero and an analog version, The primary difference between the two is weight, with the analog version being lighter and more agile for acrobatics, while the HD version offers a better picture quality.

EMAX Tinyhawk 3+ HD

The HD camera on the Tinyhawk 3+ HD performs impressively, offering clear and clean visuals with good latency. While some argue that HD Zero isn’t better than analog, this reviewer disagrees and claims that the HD camera is an improvement, though not as advanced as DJI or Walk Snail. However, due to its weight, it might not fly as well as the analog version.

emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD (1)
emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD (1)

The review praises Emax for offering the drone as a kit, making it an excellent option for beginners to enter the hobby. The drone flies on brushless 0802 Motors, an F4 flight controller, all-in-one ESC, and utilizes a new larger 650 mah batteries, which provide longer flight times compared to the 450 milliamp-hour batteries used in previous versions.

emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD all in one FPV kit
emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD (1)

The Tinyhawk 3+ is an all-in-one kit. Included with the drone are the FPV goggles and updated ELRS remote. The HD Tinyhawk 3+ goggles include full DVR, allowing pilots to record their flights. You’ll also get some spare parts, tools, and a convenient carrying case.

emax tinhawk 3 Plus HD (1)

Overall, the Emax HD Tinyhawk 3+ is an excellent option for those looking to venture into FPV flying, especially for indoor flights, though the analog version might be preferred by more experienced pilots looking for peak performance. The biggest drawback to the HD system is that HDZero adds both cost and weight to the drone. It also tends to overheat quickly if left plugged in and on the ground. Emax’s offering of a complete kit with various improvements makes it a solid choice for entry-level enthusiasts.

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