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Best Drone for Kids

What kid doesn’t want a drone? They are a blast to fly for sure but not all drones are created equal. Some are better for kids than others. We have tested countless drones, and we picked a few that we think would be ideal for kids to learn on. These drones are much safer and easier to fly than some of their larger counterparts.

For Younger Children

Box Flyer best drone for kids

The Box Flyer design is ideal for children.

You want to keep the fingers on your first-time pilot nice and safe, and that’s why we recommend the Box Flyer. This little quadcopter has its propellers completely enclosed to keep little fingers away from spinning propellers. It is small and lightweight. We crashed this little guy quite a bit and it handled the bumps and crashes we subjected it to without a problem. It can do flips with the push of a button and you can make navigation easier by flying it in headless mode.

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The Blimpy Drone

Blimp drone

The “inner tube” on the outside does a great job of keeping the propellers safe.

Worried about your new drone enthusiast scratching your flatscreen TV? With an inflatable tube around it, the HiteHome Airbag Drone will keep your belongings (and kids) a little safer. It didn’t leave a mark on my TV when this expert pilot got a little off course. This flying inner tube also has altitude hold to help keep it stable, which will make it a lot easier for first-time flyers than drones without this feature. You can fly the Airbag drone with a smartphone or tablet and it even responds to voice commands!

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FPV Wifi drone

You can view a live video feed from the camera of the Reaper on your smartphone.

If you are looking for something a that is a little bigger and more stable, the FY919 Reaper is another good option for kids. Because it uses optical flow technology and altitude hold, this drone is one of the most stable drones on our list, second only to the DJI Spark. This drone has a few more features, including a camera and FPV. The Reaper also has a unique beginner mode that is the best one we’ve seen for kids. In addition to limiting the speed, the Reaper’s beginner mode is the first we have seen with a low altitude limit. This feature will keep the drone near the ground and off your roof.

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For Kids of All Ages

RedPawz Micro Drone

We really like the Eachine E011 and the Red Pawz R010. These drones are almost identical, except the E011 carries a Lego Man on its top cover, while the Red Pawz was designed to look more like a racer. The ducted design features a built-in propeller guard that helps the drone bounce off the walls and keep fingers away from the propellers. This little quad as a lot of zip and can do some fun acrobatics with the push of a button. The best part about this drone is that is can be upgraded to carry a camera to fly FPV. So when you child grows bored with flying circles around the living room, you can add a camera and some goggles and teach your little pilot to fly FPV (first person view) like the pros. Both of these drones are pretty easy to upgrade.

Order the Eachine E011Order the RedPawz R010
RedPawz R010

Take a look at the blue RedPawz R010 and an upgraded Eachine E011.

For the Gamers

RedPawx R011 micro FPV

If your child is into video games you may want to consider one of these two drones. Flying these FPV (first person view) drones feel a lot like playing a fast-paced video game. The difference is that this is real! The Red Pawz R011 (also known as the Eachine E013) is an all-in-one FPV package that is a blast to fly. You’ll get the drone, remote, and a pair of FPV goggles so you can get a live view from the camera while piloting the drone. This is how the pilots you see on ESPN race in the DRL (Drone Racing League). So if you have a budding drone pilot at home you should definitely look into this one.

This is a crazy good deal and is the least expensive way to get into FPV flight. Make sure you pick the option with goggles if you don’t have any yet. They are smaller than most other goggles on the market but we were very impressed with their performance given their small size and low cost.

Order the Eachine E013
Eachine E013 FPV

The Red Pawz R011 is an excellent starter FPV package with the drone, remote and goggles.

For the “Big” Kids

DJI Spark Best Drone

See the DJI Spark from all angles.

Let’s face it, drones are awesome and it really doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are looking for the best drone for a “big” kid then look no further than the DJI Spark. This is a full-featured machine. It has an HD camera, a stabilizing gimbal, GPS guidance, and a handful of intelligent flight modes. If you are looking to take great aerial photos or video, and you want something that is portable and easy to use, then you need to take a look at the Spark. We recommend you go for the package that includes the remote; using the remote is the only way we fly our Spark.

Spark Drone

Here is our DJI Spark at sunset.

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I Want Videos…

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