E013 drone

Eachine E013: All-in-One Affordable FPV

Eachine E013/RedPawz R011

Starting under $40

Overall Quality


Ease of Use











  • PROS:
  • ▪ All-in-one package
  • ▪ Excellent for beginner FPV
  • CONS:
  • ▪ Acro/Rate Mode
  • ▪ Can't bind to other radios


  • Flight Time: 5-6 minutes
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Size: Micro
  • Camera: 1000 TVL

Eachine has recently turned out the E013. It is an all-in-one micro FPV package that includes ducted propellers, an upgraded remote controller, 1000TVL camera and even an optional pair of FPV goggles.

redpawz r011 eachine e013
This is one of the BEST all in one FPV packages for a beginner.

You can get the quad with remote for about $35 or add the goggles for $65. This is a great deal. It turns out that you can also get this drone under the name the RedPawz R011. Whether you pick up the RedPawz version or the Eachine version this is one fun FPV package.

redpawz r011
Take a look at the RedPawz R011 and its remote

If you are looking to get into FPV then you need to read this. If you really want to race quads then start here. The E013 is a good starting point for flying FPV and racing drones, but we highly recommend you read the articles mentioned above.

What makes this quad unique?

Eachine E013
Take a look at the E013

Eachine has been a big player in the micro FPV game for a while. They started with the E010, then morphed that into the E010c (a very similar quad).

E013 vs E010
Take a look at the Redpawz R011 and an Eachine E010.

Since then they’ve built a more powerful version, the E011 and a tiny version, the E012. This version, the E013 is most like the E010, but with an upgraded remote, camera, and nice shell protecting the electronics. The red shell has a nice look to it, kind of like an Angry Bird…

Eachine E013
The included goggles and metal sticks on the remote are a nice touch.

A Solid Deal

The real win with the E013 is the addition of a nicer remote transmitter and the potential to add FPV goggles. The specs on the E013 look pretty solid. This is the best all-in-one FPV Tiny Whoop style offering on the market right now based on value. Is the Inductrix Pro a better quad? Yes, but it is $120 and that doesn’t include a transmitter or a set of goggles. Sure you could go with an original all-in-one Inductrix FPV, but that will set you back $200 and you get a monitor instead of goggles.

E013 camera
The camera is a nice 100TVL camera so you should expect a clear picture.

E013 Specs

Quadcopter Size: 8.3 x 8.3 x 4.35 cm
Flight Time: 5-6 minutes
Frequency: 2.4G
Battery: 1s 200mAh
Motors: 615-17000KV
Camera:1000TVL,  1/3 CMOS, 120°FOV
VTX: 25mW, 40 channel, 5.8ghz

Improvements to be made

The E013 is an excellent starting point, but Eachine missed the mark on a couple of easy improvements. The biggest issue is they opted for 6mm motors like those in the E010, instead of 7mm motors like those in the E011. This severely limits the amount of power and torque you’ll get out of the machine. The E011 is a far superior quad to the E010 because of the motor upgrade. The 6mm motors really limit the new E013 to indoor flight. You could fly it outside, but certainly not on a windy day. It may not be on par with an Inductrix Pro in terms of flight characteristics or the ability to tune, but you are getting it at a fraction of the cost.

Eachine E013 and VR-006
Take a top down look at the E013.

We like that they moved away from the egg-beater style antenna on the E010C and E010S, but the straight up angle seems a little off. Other improvements that would have been fairly easy for Eachine to add would have been an adjustable camera angle and the ability to fly acro/horizon. If we are being picky then why not add the ability to tune in Betaflight/Cleanflight? Maybe that will be on the E013S model or the upcoming E014.

Tiny Whoop drone
Take a look under the hood of the Eachine E013.

Should You Get an E013?

If you are looking to get into FPV flight then this is a spectacular option. Especially if you do not have FPV goggles yet. The VR-006 may be entry level goggles, but they certainly will get the job done. You won’t find a cheaper all-in-one solution for getting into FPV flight. This is a big step up from the DIY options out there. You can preorder the E013 starting today.

Redpawz goggles
These goggles may be small, but are pretty nice.

Check the current price of the Eachine E013

Eachine E013 vs E012


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