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Virhuck GB202 Nano Drone: Pint-sized Fun

Virhuck GB202 Nano Drone


Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability











  • PROS:
  • ▪ Stable and Durable
  • ▪ Compact Design
  • CONS:
  • ▪ No Camera


  • Flight Time: 5 minutes
  • Range: 50 feet
  • Size: Micro/Nano

Mini Quad Fun

We put the Virhuck Nano up against some other tiny drones. They may be small, but they are a lot of fun. Check it out.

Virhuck Nano

The Virhuck GB202 Nano drone is a tiny quadcopter that is well executed. It isn’t flashy, it doesn’t have advanced flight modes, a camera or even headless mode. Perhaps that is what makes it so good. It is what you would want in a beginner drone. It is simple, stable and durable.

A Great Beginner Drone

The stability of the GB202 Nano drone is surprisingly good. This little quad is easy to hover. I was surprised by how easy it was to fly. It is superior to the popular Cheerson CX-10 models. I have the Virhuck Volar 360 drone, and that thing is a blast to fly but isn’t nearly as stable as the GB202 Nano drone.

GB202 drone
Compare the Virhuck GB202 to the smaller Virhuck Volar on the right.

Avoids Pitfalls of other Inexpensive Drones

Some may think that the lack of features is a negative, but I would disagree. Return-to-home mode frequently doesn’t work well on toy drones, headless mode can be nice but doesn’t provide much benefit on a drone without a camera, and a 0.3MP camera will most certainly disappoint. Virhuck avoided all of these things and focused on what was important. Making a quadcopter that was stable and easy to fly. They have succeeded.

Very Durable

In addition to it being easy to fly, the GB202 is fairly durable. The nano drone has sustained a handful of crashes, both with and without the propeller guard, and I have yet to break a propeller. The included propeller guard is nice and does a good job of allowing it to bounce off of objects. I was unsure if this tiny quad could handle the extra weight of the guard, but it performs fine with it on. Once you are comfortable flying I’d recommend taking it off as you’ll get longer flight times.

Virhuck Nano Drone
The Virhuck Nano drone comes with a solid propeller guard and a small remote transmitter.

Lots of Fun

Virhuck did keep the one feature that I like on these little flyers and that is the push-to-flip button. Press the right stick, push a direction and the quad performs fun flips and rolls. You can also adjust the speed of the drone from low to medium to high as you learn how to fly it.

Should You Get One?

It may not come with a fancy remote control carrying case like the Virhuck Volar or have extra flight modes, but it certainly doesn’t need them. The Virhuck GB202 is a fun little quad and an excellent starter done for any beginner. It is hard to find something this fun and stable for less than $15.

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