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eachine red devil

Eachine Red Devil Toothpick

The Eachine Red Devil is a lot of fun to fly. If you haven’t experienced flying a little toothpick quad then you are missing out. It’s like a little tiny whoop on steroids. If you like flying freestyle but don’t like the attention that comes with a 5″ quad then you need to check out …

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URUAV UR85 HD Bushido

URUAV UR85 HD -My favorite Cinewhoop

The URUAV UR85 HD Bushido is another ready-to-go Cinewhoop. This one is basically a larger version of the Mobula 7 HD as they share most of the internal components. However, the URUAV UR85 HD has larger propellers and performs a little more like a typical acro/race quad. While it still isn’t something I’d recommend for …

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