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ZLL SG907 Pro | The Baby Beast

The ZLL SG907 Pro is a smaller version of the popular SG906 from the Beast Pro lineup. It is a similar drone and has a 4K camera on a two-axis gimbal.  There are multiple packages with this drone and the least expensive one starts at just $135 but you can pick one up for just $118 if you use the discount code and link at the bottom of the article. Might this be the best beginner drone you can get for the money?

ZLL SG907 Pro

SG907 pro and SG906 max

The SG907 Pro looks a lot like the larger SG906. In many ways it is a smaller and less expensive version of it’s big brother. However there is one very important difference. The smaller SG907 uses brushed motors, not brushless motors like the bigger SG906. Brushed motors aren’t quite as efficient or powerful and typically won’t last quite as long. However, they help to keep the cost down on the drone.

sg907 brushed motors

You will get a flight time of up to 13 minutes with the ZLL SG907 and a maximum range of 500 meters. It weighs 285 grams so you’ll have to register it with the FAA if you are in the US. That was kind of a disappointment. ZLL should have found a way to shave off another 35 grams. The brushed motors won’t perform as well on windy days so make sure you find a calm day to fly. It does utilize both GPS and optical flow technology to help keep the drone stable.

sg907 pro with remote

You’ll get a handful of different flight modes. I find the ZLL Fun app easy to use, but you’ll need a 5G or AC Wifi protocol smartphone to connect to your drone. The modes work ok, but I tend to find the app a bit glitchy. Persistence seems to pay off in the end if you want the drone to follow you or complete an orbit. The return to home feature is good and works well on our drone.

SG907 Camera

The camera claims to be 4K  but that is for photographs only. My assumption is that it is doing some upscaling to achieve the 4K. The videos can be recorded in 2048 x 1088 at 25 fps. It is a slightly odd resolution but I found it works well. The two-axis gimbal does a decent job of helping to stabilize footage on a calm day but you won’t be using this drone as a professional tool. On a windy day, this light drone gets pushed around and the gimbal can’t stabilize the shakes and jitters. There is a three-axis gimbal version of this drone, the ZLL SG907 Max but it is going to suffer the same fate on a windy day.

sg907 pro camera

The quality in the pictures and videos just isn’t there. This is a great beginner drone, a tool to help you learn but you won’t be able to take this with you on a photoshoot. If you want a professional tool you’ll need to look at the Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, or Mavic 2 Pro.

sg907 pro camera

Overall this is a good drone if you are looking for something to learn how to fly. The base model starts at $135 but you can get a fly more package that includes three batteries and a carrying case for $205. Right now you can use the code BG907LIVE and the link below and pick one up for $119.

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