uruav flipo f95

URUAV Flipo F95 | Pusher-style cinewhoop

The URUAV Flipo F95 is a pusher-style cinewhoop. The motors are inverted and it is built to carry a small camera like a naked GoPro, Insta SMO or an Insta360 Go. It has a 95 mm wheelbase and weighs 95 grams. You should be able to fly it with a camera and a small 4S battery without breaking the 250-gram barrier. It typically costs around $160 but there is a link and a code at the bottom of the article that will push the price down to $148.

URUAV Flipo F95

The URUAV Flippo F95 uses an AIO F4 flight controller and a 20 amp BL Heli S ESC. The motors are 1106 4500KV and support 2S-4S batteries. These motors push 2.5″ tri-blade props. The VTX is switchable from pit mode/25/100/300/400 mw. You can use TBS smart audio to easily change channels and bands.  The camera is the Runcam Nano 2 and is a solid 1200 TVL analog camera. They have even included a programmable LED tail light.


It comes with a mount for a naked GoPro. If you want to use an Insta SMO or Insta360 go you’ll have to modify the holder or source your own. I was able to fly with my Insta360 Go by adding a ziptie. URUAV claims the Flippo F95 is DJI Vista compatible, but you’ll have to upgrade that on your own. We got ours with an XM+ receiver and bound it to our Radiomaster T16S.


Pusher Style Cinewhoop – F95 Flipo

The pusher-style cinewhoop is a good little quad for capturing indoor footage in tight places. Its lightweight and ducted props make it safer when flying around soft targets. There is also a small bumper that is useful when flying in tight quarters. I found it helps me not scratch up the walls.


If you want a small cinewhoop to carry around a good little camera this is an excellent option. If you want something to carry around a full-size GoPro then you’ll want a larger machine like one of these. If the URUAV Flipo F95 is a drone that you want then use the code: BGZBF95 and the link below to drop the price by about $12.

Check the price of the URUAV Flipo F95

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