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Radiomaster TX16S – This is the transmitter you want!

Buying a remote transmitter, or radio might just be the most important part of getting into the hobby. Thanks to companies like Radiomaster and Jumper you no longer are locked into one particular ecosystem when you buy your first remote. The new Radiomaster TX16S is a high-end premium remote that you can pick up starting at just $99. Aside from the great features on the TX16S it is also a multiprotocol remote, so you can fly countless other drones and RC products.

It uses to be that whichever remote you chose would dictate what drones you could fly. The big three remote companies were FrSky, Spektrum, and Flysky. They make quality radios but once you purchased one you were locked into their ecosystem. Now companies like Radiomaster and Jumper make multiprotocol remotes so you can fly any of the common and some of the not so common drones out there.

I love that I can fly all of my FrSky, Flysky and Spektrum quads using one remote. But I can also fly my Symas, MJX Bugs, Eachine E011 and my Hubsans with this remote. It is great for drones like the Symas and Hubsans as they typically ship with cheap remotes. The TX16S is clearly better and even extends the range on those drones. The TX16S even works with drone simulators. You can connect it to your PC and practice your flying or use it to learn acro.

Radiomaster TX16S

The Radiomaster TX16S is a full-functioned, 16-channel remote transmitter. It has a 4.3″ color display, built in USB-C charging, voice functions, telemetry, crossfire compatibility, an internal SD card and more. It runs OpenTX software and is fully supported by the OpenTX team.

Radiomaster Tx16s hall gimbals

I personally think it looks really nice and it has a premium feel to it. The rubber grips on the back are a nice touch. It fits well in my hands and I’ll be switching from my Taranis QX7 to this remote as my new daily driver. Because it runs OpenTX the transition so far has been pretty smooth. It has more switches and knobs than I’ll ever use, but it is nice to know there are there should I ever invent a way to use them. It even has a pair of external UART ports.

Radiomaster T16

The menu controls are easy to use and have an intuitive layout. I do like the metal scrolling wheel to move through the menu. The battery bay is large and you can use either a 2S lipo to power it or a couple of 18650 batteries that fit inside the included battery tray. I’ll be using two 18650 batteries as they seemingly last forever.

There are two versions of the TX16S, the basic model has standard potentiometer gimbals and is $99. The upgraded model has Hall sensor gimbals and is $129. If you want crossfire you can get the Hall sensor model shipped with a crossfire module for $199. Radiomaster has included a nice carrying case to keep your remote safe. Little things like the included case and SD card go a long way. Prices have been fluctuating and the multi-colored options typically are about $10 more than the black.

Radiomaster T16

At first glance, this remote feels big. It is. But it isn’t excessively large and is roughly the same size as my QX7. After a few flights I got use to it. I do really like the gimbals. I never had any issues with my QX7, but these Hall sensor gimbals just feel better. Maybe it is all in my head but I really do like this remote.

Now there are even different color versions of this remote. You can opt for gold, silver, carbon fiber or the standard black. There is even the ability to customize the CNC parts in a variety of colors. The new color versions even have an upgraded foldable handle and leather side grips.

Radiomaster vs Jumper

Yes, this remote looks an awful lot like the Jumper T16. From what I understand Jumper and HobbyPorter(the company that owns Radiomaster) were partners but decided to part ways due to different ideas on project development. So we get a product that takes everything we love about the Jumper T16 and builds upon it. Radiomaster has worked directly with OpenTX and manufactures its own equipment so we can expect good quality control and customer responsiveness.

While I don’t own a Jumer T16, I do have a Taranis QX7. The Taranis is the remote that I recommend to most beginners. That no longer is the case. The Radiomaster T16S is a better remote in almost every way, and it is less expensive. I think FrSky is on the way out.

Radiomaster T16 vs taranis qx7

Should you buy the Radiomaster TX16S?

If you already have a remote like a Taranis QX7 it may be hard to justify another premium remote. Yes, the Radiomaster is a better remote, but it isn’t going to make you a better pilot. If you are itching to fly other drones and expand your collection that is a different story. The TX16 absolutely makes sense in that case. If you are just getting into flying and want to purchase a remote for the first time I would absolutely recommend it. I’d probably opt for the Hall sensor model. Not because you’ll notice the difference, but because they are more precise and should handle the wear and tear a little bit better. Learn more about the Radiomaster TX16S from their website here.

Radiomaster T16

Check the price of the TX16S Special Color OptionsCheck the price of TX16S with Hall Sensor Gimbals

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