Drone Pilot Ground School

If you are interested in flying your drone to make some Drone Pilot Ground School from UAV Coachmoney, or you want to be able to fly your drones with fewer restrictions you’ll have to pass the FAA’s remote pilot test.  Unless you are a pilot or understand how to read METAR weather reports and class E airspace rules that is going to be one heck of a challenge.  That is where the  Drone Pilot Ground School comes into play.  They have developed the best class to help you prepare.  They have an incredible success rate(over 97%) and will offer you individualized help.  Check it out HERE or click on the link below.

drone pilot ground school



Detour Sunglasses

Tired of squinting in the sun when flying your detour-3drones. Need to protect those eyes from the spinning blades on your quadcopter. Then you should take a Detour. Detour Sunglasses are high-quality polarized sunglasses and they look good.

You can be styling just like us.  Check out Detour Sunglasses for some great shades and clothing. Half Chrome was even able to get you an even better deal on these great glasses. Tell the pretty lady below that we sent you to Detour and get 20% off with the code: THEDRONEGUYZ20

detour-2  detour-1

The Sleep Sherpa

We get help fromsleep sherpa some awesome people and they do some awesome stuff. One of those awesome guys happens to be a sleep expert. We call him the Sleep Sherpa.  If you like a great night’s sleep then check out the Sleep Sherpa for awesome reviews for mattresses, pillows and anything sleep related.  There is nothing like a memory foam pillow to soothe the tension in your neck after starting up in the sky all day.