Best Beginner Drones

These are some of the best beginner drones you can buy.

ZLRC SG906 beast Pro

ZLRC SG906 Beast PRO

The ZLRC SG906 PRO is a significant improvement from the original drone.  Starting around $150 you get a GPS drone with a 4K camera on a two-axis gimbal and a handful of intelligent flight modes. The SG906 Pro, or Beast Pro has a 25 minute flight time and a range of 600 meters. Let’s take …

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DJI Spark clone

19HW: A Good Looking Spark Clone

The 19HW is another small portable drone looking to capitalize on the popularity of the impressive DJI Spark. While it looks a lot like a Spark it is a very different drone. Checking in around $40 that is expected as the DJI Spark starts at $499. It is still a very capable drone with an …

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