Hisingy Sunray FPV drone

Hisingy Sunray | A Beginner Friendly FPV Drone

The Hisingy Sunray is an FPV drone designed explicitly for beginners unfamiliar with flying FPV drones. The Hisingy Sunray stands out as a departure from the norm catering to those who may find traditional FPV drone setups intimidating. Unlike other FPV drones, the Sunray eliminates the complexities of building, binding, and configuring in Betaflight, making it an attractive option for those wanting a hassle-free introduction to FPV flying.

Hisingy Sunray FPV Drone

Hisingy’s approach focuses on accessibility, targeting individuals who are comfortable with smartphone apps. The drone comes with a smartphone app for programming, aligning with Hisingy’s commitment to simplifying the learning curve. The Sunray is the sequel to the Stargazer, offering improvements such as faster speed, enhanced maneuverability, and extended flight time. Hisingy’s signature comic book-style aesthetics and customizable features make the Sunray unique and user-friendly.

Hisingy Sunray FPV drone

The Sunray uses brushless motors, which offer increased efficiency and durability compared to brushed alternatives. These motors are what make the Sunray both faster and more efficient than the Stargazer. Hisingy goggles are made by Fatshark give the pilot a first hand view from the cockpit of the drone. Coupled with the unique altitude hold make this a great drone for the FPV beginner. Most FPV drones don’t have altitude hold and pilots must learn to manage the throttle. This difficult skill is initially difficult but Hisingy developed the Sunray so beginners could fly right out of the box.

Hisingy Sunray FPV drone

The Hisingy Sunray’s app is user-friendly interface for configuring the drone. Pilots don’t have to learn a complicated Betaflight process to be able to fly. In the app the pilot can change FPV channels, tune the performance of the drone and toggle between sport mode and the altitude-managing capabilities

Hisingy Sunray FPV drone

The biggest drawback is Sunray must live as part of the Hisingy ecosystem. The remote controller and batteries of the Sunray will only work with other Hisingy drones. Additionally, the proprietary batteries limit compatibility with non-Hisingy devices. The analog goggles however will work with any analog drone.

Hisingy Sunray FPV drone

In conclusion, the Hisingy Sunray is a fun and approachable entry point for those intrigued by FPV flying but put off by the complexities of traditional setups. It is recommended for individuals looking to venture into the hobby without the steep learning curve, offering an enjoyable and stress-relieving experience. Despite the limitations within the Hisingy ecosystem, the Sunray’s ease of use, customizable features, and comic book aesthetics make it an appealing choice for beginners.

Check out the SunrayCheck out the Hisingy Stargazer

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