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drone christmas drone 2018

Best Drone for Christmas 2018

There might not be a better gift to give this Christmas than a drone. They are a blast to fly, fun to race and can take awesome pictures and video. But finding the right drone to buy with confidence isn’t so easy. We thought we’d help you find the perfect drone for that special someone…

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DJI Spark

The New DJI Spark: The Drone for Everyone

DJI has once again changed the game with the release of their latest drone, the Spark. It was designed to get even the novice pilot off the ground and into the air in seconds. You can control it with your smartphone or you can opt to fly it longer distances with a joystick remote. Now…

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Eachine E010C and other micro drones

Free 3D Printed Inductrix & E010 Frames and Upgrades!

Here at Half Chrome Drones we’ve become fans of the Tiny Whoop movement. Living in the Chicago area in the winter months can be painful for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that the sub-zero weather pretty much brings outdoor flying to a grinding halt. As a result, we transition to our…

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LG 360 Cam

Upgrade Your Drone with a 360° Camera

The latest trend in photography is 360° cameras. Drone pilots are thirsty to see this technology put up in the air where it belongs. There are some complete systems that you can already buy for drones, but they will set you back several hundred dollars and they are typically dedicated to a single drone model. We…

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Syma X8S Camera Upgrade

Turn Your Syma X8S into a Serious Aerial Photography Machine

The new Syma X8S models are a nice upgrade from the original Syma X8 models. While the X8S does not fold up like a DJI Mavic, it is the first drone we have seen that completely snaps together in about 1 minute. The 1080p camera that is available with some of the models is pretty…

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3D Printed Parts

Where to Find a 3D Printer for Your Drone Parts

Drones and 3D printers go hand-in-hand these days. Having access to a 3D printer is important if you want to replace parts or even create new and improved parts for your drones. Tiny Whoop frames, legs extensions, and camera mounts are just some of the parts we have designed here at Half Chrome. You can…

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