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The New DJI Spark: Selfie Drone? Racer? Low Cost Option?

There has been a lot of speculation on what DJI’s next move will be. Will their next consumer drone be a Phantom 5? Will it be a Mavic 2? Will they downgrade the Mavic Pro and release a more affordable Mavic Standard? It seems that the next release from DJI may be none of those…

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Best drone under 500

What is the Best Drone Under $500?

There are a handful of good drones out there in the $200 to $500 price range. Which one should you get? Let’s look at some of the top competitors to help you make an informed decision. We are comparing an affordable lineup of drones with HD or better cameras including the DJI Phantom 3 Standard,…

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Dobby and Elfie Selfie Drones

Dobby and Elfie: A Pair of Selfie Drones

Elfie, the inexpensive selfie drone JJRC has produced a very portable drone for taking selfies. Dubbed the JJRC H37 Elfie it was designed to be an ultra portable drone to use with your smartphone. The purpose of it is to capture the perfect selfie. The arms of the Elfie fold in for easy transport. When…

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3DR Solo drone

3DR Solo The Original GoPro Drone

The 3DR Solo is a full-featured GPS enabled drone that was built to film with a GoPro. The Solo has a handful of interactive flight modes and if you have a GoPro this drone is a solid choice. 3DR worked closely with GoPro to develop a drone that worked seamlessly with their Hero line of action…

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Xiro Xplorer V

Xiro Xplorer A Sleek Looking Quadcopter

The Xiro Xplorer is a full featured HD camera drone. Its unique design is a breath of fresh air. Unlike a lot of drones in this class it is not trying to shamelessly copy the design of the DJI Phantom. The Xiro Xplorer has a futuristic and unique design. It looks more like a sleek…

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Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop A Lightweight Smartphone Controlled Drone

The original Parrot Bebop is a nice option for anyone that wants a drone that can take good pictures and video and is lightweight and portable. There are not many GPS-enabled drones that can boast full 1080p HD video, a 14 MP camera and cost less than $250. The Bebop is a lightweight but durable…

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Upair One

Upair One – Phantom Contender or Pretender?

The UPair One is a full size drone that comes with either a 2K or a 4K camera. It is an unabashed copy of the DJI Phantom. But is it a viable alternative to the Phantom 3 standard? The UPair One is one of just a few remaining competitors to the Phantom lineup. There are…

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Phantom 3 Standard with Chico and Montana

DJI Phantom 3 Standard: The Best Value in Advanced Drones

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard might be the best overall value in fully-featured drones, especially for new pilots. It is a great drone to take breathtaking video or high-quality aerial photos without breaking the bank. DJI makes some high-quality drones – they can be more expensive than some of the other drones we have reviewed, and…

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Red Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 A Fun Smartphone Controlled Drone

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a definite improvement over the original Parrot Bebop.  One of the biggest improvements is that the battery life has been doubled to 25 minutes of flight time.  The overall construction of the Bebop is better and it appears to have become more durable. Parrot fancies this to be a drone for taking…

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