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Mavic 2 FAQ – Beyond the Specs to Answer Your Questions

This page is a list of the questions people ask about the Mavic 2 along with the best answers we have. We will update this page as we learn more and we are asked more questions. PLEASE submit your questions (or answers) to

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Note: We don’t cover too much that is readily available in the specs. For more details, check out DJI’s Comparison Page. Also check out DJI’s FAQ page, it has answers to other questions. We answer the questions that DJI doesn’t.

Mavic 2 Vs. Original Mavic Pro

Q: Is the Mavic 2 an actual upgrade? It looks the same as the original Mavic Pro.
A: Yes, it is an upgrade. All specs are improved on the Mavic 2 (flight time, speed, range, etc.). Most importantly, both Mavic 2 camera options are an upgrade over the original Mavic Pro.

Q: Is it worth upgrading from the Mavic Pro to the Mavic 2?
A: Probably. If image quality is your thing then we think you will notice some important improvements, particularly with the Mavic 2 Pro. Hasselblad is delivering an excellent camera – the 1-inch sensor, 10-bit color, and 100 Mbps video are all big improvements. If you are satisfied with the quality you get from your current Mavic Pro then go ahead and keep flying!

DJI Mavic Drone
Watch the Mavic transform before your eyes.

Mavic 2 Pro Vs. Zoom Comparison

Q: Is the 1″ Sensor on the Mavic 2 Pro a Major Upgrade?
A: Sort of. In good lighting, we think that in some ways the small ~1/2-inch sensor on the latest iPhone outperforms our Phantom 4 Pro camera with its 1-inch sensor. How? Sensor size isn’t everything – lens design and image processing are also important. What the Mavic 2 Pro sensor will buy you is better performance in low light and better dynamic range in scenes with a lot of natural contrast between light and dark.

Mavic Pro 2 Sensor
The Mavic 2 Pro’s sensor is quite a bit bigger than the original Mavic’s sensor.

Q: Is Mavic 2 Pro camera better than the Mavic 2 Zoom?
A: Yes (unless you want zoom). In addition to having a bigger sensor, the Mavic 2 Pro camera has 10-bit color and consultation from high-end camera maker Hasselblad. We have not been blown away by the lens designs of DJI in the past, but the Mavic 2 Pro looks to be different. The Hasselblad branding probably tells more than their design support – they don’t want to dilute their brand with an inferior camera. Another factor: Zoom means sacrifice, more lenses and more moving parts are required for zoom and more is not better when it comes to lenses – optical quality typically suffers.

Side-by-side, which will you buy?
Side-by-side, which will you buy?

Q: Why didn’t DJI put zoom on a 1-Inch sensor?
A: It would be too big. As it is, the Mavic 2 Pro weighs just 2 grams more than the Mavic 2 Zoom. That zoom lens on the Mavic 2 Zoom would need to be scaled up by a factor of 2.3 in all directions, increasing the lens weight by a factor 12! There is only so much room on a Mavic. We expect the Phantom 5 will be able to deliver a large sensor, a zoom lens and more.

Mavic 2 Zoom Camera

Q: Did Hasselblad have any involvement in the development of the Mavic 2 Zoom?
A: No. Hasselblad’s VP of Sales Jon Diele told us absolutely not.

Hasselblad VP Sales at DJI Launch
Hasselblad VP of Sales Jon Diele at DJI Launch

Q: Is the Mavic 2 Zoom sensor the same as the Mavic Air?
A: Still working to answer this one.

Q: Is the Mavic 2 Zoom sensor the same as the Mavic Pro?
A: We highly doubt it, but we are confirming.

Q: What is the total zoom of the Mavic 2 Zoom?
A: We believe that the zoom and dolly zoom features both use 2X digital plus 2X optical zoom for 4X zoom total.

Mavic 2 Zoom Lens
The mechanical zoom of the Mavic 2 Zoom

Q: Is the Mavic 2 Zoom optical zoom really 2X?
A: Sort of. They are doing a typical camera marketing trick of taking credit for the focal length change, which changes from 24 to 48 mm effective focal length. We prefer to track field of view change, which is only 1.73X (about 84.1° to 48.5° diagonal field of view)

Q: What is the total zoom of the Mavic 2 Zoom?
A: We believe that the zoom and dolly zoom features both use 2X digital plus 2X optical zoom for 4X zoom total. We will measure actual field of view change ASAP.

Mavic 2 Pro Camera

Q: Did Hasselblad REALLY develop the Mavic 2 Pro camera?
A: Sort of. Hasselblad’s VP of Sales Jon Diele was quick to stress that Hasselblad’s key contribution had more to do with the 10 Bit color spectrum and image processing than it had to do with the lens design. He also said the lens design was “a partnership.”

Mavic 2 Pro at Event
The Mavic 2 Pro on display at the launch event

Q: Is The Mavic 2 Pro camera better than the Phantom 4 Pro camera?
A: We think so. We are not actually blown away by the lens design of the Phantom 4 Pro. We find small errors like chromatic aberration in our images. We don’t think Hasselblad would but their name on the Mavic 2 Pro unless it was a truly excellent camera.

Phantom 4 camera quality
Both of our Phantom 4 Pro cameras show evidence of a small lateral color error.

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Mavic Air remote control
Both the DJI Mavic Air and its controller can fold up for portability.

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