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We are Half Chrome.

We started Half Chrome because we want you to experience the same joy from flying drones that we do.  We had questions that we felt other sites just didn’t answer. Our goal is to provide you with information so you can find the drone that is best for you.

Buying the right drone can be tricky. We wanted to create a site that didn’t just tell you what was written on the box. We wanted to show you more more. We wanted to know how they fly, how well their cameras work, and how robust they are to abuse. We have spent countless hours flying, videoing, crashing and researching our drones.  Then we record it all and share it with you. We’ve broken down our drones by size, price and features to help you find what you are looking for. If you are a first time pilot or if you are looking to get professional quality photos, we can tell you what best suits your needs.

Drones by Size
Phantom, Syma X5C, X4, CX-10

Full Size- DJI Phantom, Small-Syma X5C, Mini- Hubsan X4, Micro- Cheerson CX-10

Drones by Feature
Syma X8C and a kitten

Kittens are not typically a drone feature, but they are pretty darn cute

  • Basic Drones –  These are drones that lack a camera. They are generally inexpensive and a good place to start for a beginner. They can be fun to fly, and are good to learn on because many of them are very quick.
  • Camera Drones – If you are looking for a drone to take video or pictures then you should start here. Know that there is a lot of variety in the cameras that drones use. Please refer to our article on Camera/Image quality for full details.
  • FPV Drones – First Person View allows you to see what your drone camera sees in real time. It can be used to help you get good photos, navigate, or even race your drone.
  • Advanced/Professional Drones – These drones take very good pictures and video and are typically more expensive then toy grade quadcopters.
Drones by Price

If you are shopping for a drone on a budget then Half Chrome has you covered.

Drones under $50

Drones from $51-100

Drones from $101-200

Drones from $200-500

Drones over $500

If you want to contact  Half Chrome…
X-ray image of a Hubsan X4

Yes, we took an x-ray of a Hubsan X4

Let us know if there’s a drone you want us to review.  If you have any suggestions or comments.  Hit us up on Twitter @HalfChromeDrone

The guys at Half Chrome are always looking to review, test and crash more drones.  If you have any suggestions contact us at Info@HalfChrome.com

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