mavic 2 zoom vs mavic pro

Mavic 2 Pro vs. Mavic Pro

With the release of the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom now there are four DJI Mavic options to choose from. We will look at how the latest models compare to the Mavic Pro Platinum. If you own a Mavic Pro then it might just be time for an upgrade. On the other hand, Mavic Pro prices will be falling, maybe the Mavic Pro is too good of a deal to pass up. After all, the Mavic Pro is still a great drone.

If you want to see how the new Mavic Air 2 compares to the Mavic 2 lineup then click here. We have done some comprehensive testing with all of the DJI Mavic series drones.

Mavic pro vs mavic pro 2
Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro 2 (left to right)

Our goal is to help you decide which is the best drone for you. If you’d like to see how the Mavic 2 Pro compares to some other drones like the Mavic Air, Evo, Anafi and Phantom 4 Pro check out the specific articles.

How did we do with our guesses? Watch below to find out.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Camera Comparison

THe Mavic Air
The Mavic Air fits right in between the Spark and Mavic Pro. How will the Spark 2 fit in?

The camera on the Mavic Pro has been ready for a refresh for some time. The good news s that consumers now have two new cameras to choose from in the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro. There are mixed opinions on which is the preferred options. The Mavic 2 Pro now has the best camera on a folding drone in the world. With a 20 megapixel 1-inch sensor and Hasselblad design, it definitely sets a new bar.

Side-by-side, which will you buy?
Side-by-side, which will you buy?

On the other hand, for those wanting to add more creative aspects to their films, the Mavic 2 Zoom is a great option. The Zoom has two modes that the Mavic 2 Pro does not. The first is the Dolly Zoom. We first saw this on the Parrot Anafi, but the Mavic 2 Zoom takes this to the next level with a more dramatic 4X zoom. The second feature unique to the Zoom is the Super Resolution photo mode that stitches 9 zoomed-in photos to create a 48-megapixel image with a not-too-wide 24 mm equivalent field of view.

All Mavic Camera Specs

We were never huge fans of the Mavic Pro camera. While definitely better than most drones, its 60 Mbps write speed was ultimately limiting. It often produces videos that are oversaturated, overexposed, and blotchy. With a super-low f/number of f/2.2 many consumers also found their shots out of focus.

dji mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zom
Take a look at the Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro in flight.

If you choose to fork over the money for a Mavic 2 then you can’t go wrong, both are a major upgrade to the Mavic Pro. If a Mavic will be your first drone then you certainly won’t be disappointed with the original Mavic Pro either. Despite our grievances, the Mavic Pro does have a very nice camera.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Size Comparison

mavic pro size
The original Mavic Pro is a little smaller than the Mavic 2.

The Mavic 2 is a little larger than the original model. It still has the ability to fold up for easy portability, but you’ll be carrying a slightly bigger model. The increase in size is to accommodate more technology, upgraded electronics and processing capability, more sensors and a larger battery. The new bigger Mavic 2 has better stability and a flight time of over 30 minutes.

All Mavic Specs

Bigger isn’t always better and one of the biggest selling features of the original Mavic was its small size and portability. For those looking to save space, the original Mavic or Mavic Air might be better options.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Obstacle Avoidance

DJI Mavic vs Spark
Take a look at the camera systems and obstacle sensors on the front of these two drones

The Mavic Pro does have bottom and forward sensors that help keep the drone safe but that’s it. Forward sensors are nice but they don’t help when you are doing an orbit or flying backward. Side and rear sensors in our opinion are the most important and the Mavic 2 Pro answers the call with not 2, not 3, not 4, but a full 6 directions of obstacle avoidance.

Mavic pro 2 obstacle avoidance
You can see the new Mavic 2 has more rear and side sensors.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Pro: Modes and Features

DJI mavic pro 2 vs dji mavic zoom 2
The Mavic Pro is slightly smaller than the Mavic Pro 2.

The Mavic 2 Pro adds modes like Asteroid and other quick shots that DJI has chosen not to implement on the Mavic Pro. The Mavic 2 Zoom goes a step further with the Dolly Zoom and Super Resolution that we already mentioned above.

Both versions of the Mavic 2 have some innovative hyper-lapse features that you don’t get with the original Mavic Pro. If you need Dolly Zoom then the Mavic Zoom is the drone for you. If not, maybe the Mavic 2 Pro or even the original will meet your needs. None of these modes are must-haves for a great drone experience.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Conclusion

Mavic 2 in flight
Take a look at the Mavic 2 in flight.

Of course, the DJI Mavic 2 is a better drone. DJI took the best-selling drone of all time and addressed the few issues that people had with it. As to which you buy? Only you can decide. The Mavic Pro is by no means a dud. In many cases, it might be the better drone for you. With the release of the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, we expect the price of the Mavic Pro to fall significantly, and likely the price of the Mavic Air as well. It is still a better option for a budding professional than an Anafi or a Spark. If you want one of the best drones on the market today at an excellent price we’d still recommend the Mavic Pro.

Mavic 2 Zoom at launch event Jack
Jack shows off the Mavic 2 Zoom

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