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Mavic 2 Pro vs. Mavic Pro

With the release of the Mavic 2 Pro now there are three DJI Mavic options to choose from. We will look at how the Mavic 2 Pro compares to the Mavic Pro Platinum.

mavic 2

This is the first leaked image of the Mavic 2.

Our goal is to help you decide which is the best drone for you. If you’d like to see how the Mavic 2 Pro compares to some other drones like the Mavic Air, Evo, Anafi and Phantom 4 Pro check out the full table at the bottom of the article or you can read the specific articles.

While right now these are unconfirmed stats, we believe them to be accurate and will continually update this article with the best information as we get it. We will be on hand in NY on July 18th as DJI unveils their newest drone and will pass that information on.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Camera Comparison

THe Mavic Air

The Mavic Air fits right in between the Spark and Mavic Pro. How will the Spark 2 fit in.

The first and probably most important difference between the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Pro is the camera. The biggest differences are that the sensor on the Mavic 2 Pro will now be a larger 1/1.7″ and the lenses will include a variable aperture. This will make the camera better able to take pictures and video in a variety of changing light conditions. Even better than the already good Mavic Pro. We are excited to finally see 4K video at 60 fps and a bitrate of 100 Mbps.

Mavic 2 Pro Camera Spec Comparision to Mavic Pro Platinum

Mavic 2 specs are estimates and will be updated when confirmed.

The original Mavic Pro camera is good, but the stock settings, unfortunately, need a little tweaking to get the best out of it. We expect the Mavic 2 Pro camera to be dialed in on launch.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Size Comparison

Mavic Pro 2

Will the Mavic 2 be even larger?

The Mavic 2 Pro is a little larger than the original model. It still has the ability to fold up for easy portability, but you’ll be carrying a slightly bigger model. The increase in size is to accommodate more technology, upgraded electronics and processing capability, more sensors and a larger battery. The new bigger Mavic 2 Pro will have better stability and a flight time of over 30 minutes.

Mavic 2 Pro Spec Comparision to Mavic Pro Platinum

Mavic 2 specs are estimates and will be updated when confirmed.

Bigger isn’t always better and one of the biggest selling features of the original Mavic was its small size and portability. For those looking to save space, the original Mavic or Mavic Air might be better options.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Obstacle Avoidance

DJI Mavic vs Spark

Take a look at the camera systems and obstacle sensors on the front of these two drones

The Mavic Pro does have bottom and forward sensors that help keep the drone safe. We expect to see the addition of side sensors and hopefully even one on top of the drone. Forward sensors are nice but they don’t help when you are doing an orbit or flying backward. Side and rear sensors in our opinion are the most important and the Mavic 2 Pro will address this.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Pro: Capabilities

The new Mavic 2 Pro will have new flight modes that are unavailable on the original Mavic. We expect to see more 360-degree applications like the Asteroid mode you see on the new Mavic Air. DJI likes to keep things like this a surprise, so check back after July 18th for the full details.

Mavic 2 vs Mavic Pro: Conclusion

Of course, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a better drone. DJI took the best-selling drone of all time and addressed the few issues that people had with it. That doesn’t mean that the Mavic Pro is a dud. In many cases, it might be the better drone for you. With the release of the Mavic 2 Pro, we expect the price of the Mavic Pro to fall significantly, and likely the price of the Mavic Air as well. It is still a better option for a budding professional than an Anafi or a Spark. If you want one of the best drones on the market today at an excellent price we’d still recommend the Mavic Pro.

mavic pro 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro

Mavic 2 specs are estimates and will be updated when confirmed.

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Specs

Mavic 2 specs are estimates and will be updated when confirmed.

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