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What is the Best Brushless Micro FPV Drone? Let’s Find Out!

ESPN is broadcasting the Drone Racing League Championships on TV and you probably want to get in on that action. So the first thing you need to get into racing is a drone like theirs, right? Do you need something that is big, fast and powerful? Nope, absolutely not. Those racing quads are absolutely awesome, but they are also absolutely dangerous. You wouldn’t drop a new driver into a NASCAR race, would you? Its the same idea with racing drones – it’s better to start small.

FPV Furibee
The Furibee DarkMax is a big, fast and powerful racer, but probably isn’t a good option as your first drone.

Ok, so you’ve maybe you’ve flown before. You’ve built yourself a Tiny Whoop or zipped around on your Hubsan. Now you want more. There is a solution. Brushless micro FPV quads give you the same kind of thrill as a full-size racer but for a fraction of the cost.

Best FPV micro brushless
From left to right: KingKong 90GT, KingKong 110GT, EMAX BabyHawk, DYS Elf

Micro ravers also happen to be a whole lot safer than the big boys. You can add propeller guards to most of these drones and even fly them indoors. Don’t try that with a full-sized racer –  you are more likely to punch a hole in the ceiling than log meaningful flight time.

Smaller micros are a whole lot safer than the larger full-size racers out there, but still are a ton of fun.

How Much Fun Can a Micro Be?

Can you really duplicate FPV racing with a smaller drone? Absolutely. Professional and amateur racers alike are buying these micro quads to hone their skills both indoors and out. Check out some of these drones in action.

We will take a look at a few of our favorites. The Walkera Rodeo 110, DYS Elf, EMAX BabyHawk and the KingKong 90/95/110GT are all excellent in their own right and we’ll talk about the pros and cons of each. Let’s see why you want to pick up one of these rather than some of the cheaper brushed quads like the Inductrix or Q90C.

HD FPV camera
Brushed quads like this Q90C are fun but don’t have the power that a brushless micro does.

So what’s the deal with brushless?

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of inexpensive brushed quads out there. But for real racing you want something with more punch and greater reliability, what you want are brushless motors. Brushless motors mean more power and more power means more fun. Brushed motors just can’t duplicate the torque that a brushless motor can produce.

Furibee Darkmax
Brushless motors are more powerful and more efficient than brushed motors. And they last longer.

Eventually, you have to replace brushed motors. They wear out, there is just no way around it. With no brushes rubbing between moving parts brushless motors last longer and are much more efficient. All the racers you see zipping across your TV screen run brushless motors. The high-end DJI Phantom, Mavic and Spark all run brushless motors. The fan favorite MJX Bugs 2 and Bugs 3 use brushless motors. While they do add a bit of cost, there is no doubt that brushless is better.

B2C vs B2W
Brushless motors come in all shapes and sizes.

So Which Brushless Quad is Best for You?

Brushless micro FPV quads are an absolute blast to fly. You can get almost the same feeling flying one of these little guys around a tight course as you would a full-size FPV quad. They have more torque, more thrust and they recover quicker than any brushed quad. Let’s see which one best meets your needs.

Elf vs GT90
DYS Elf in red and King Kong GT90 in black

Our favorite micro brushless quads are the DYS Elf, KingKong GTs, EMAX BabyHawk and Walkera Rodeo 110, so which one would we recommend to you? That depends on who you are. Keep in mind you will also need a transmitter and some goggles. The best transmitter value without a doubt is the Taranis QX7. It is full-featured, versatile and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Goggles are a little more of a personal preference. Check this article out to find the right pair for you.

Taranis QX7
We love our lime green Taranis QX7, you can opt for a more traditional black or white.

New to FPV

DYS ELF drone
Take a look at the Elf and the included transmitter.

If you are new to flying FPV and brushless micros then we’d recommend the DYS Elf. The ducted propellers help make this a durable little quad. It also comes with its own transmitter, something that these other quads other than the Rodeo can’t claim..

Learn more about the ElfOrder a DYS Elf
See the Walkera Rodeo 110 from all angles

If you want something with more power, and still don’t want to bother with the hassle of binding to a remote then the Walkera Rodeo 110 is the quad for you. It is a solid and sturdy micro quad built on a solid carbon fiber frame. It has power to spare too.

Learn more about the Walkera Rodeo 110Order a Walkera Rodeo 110

Been Flyin’, Ready for the Next Level

Emax Baby Hawk
The EMAX BabyHawk is a fun and powerful micro.

We’d recommend either the KingKong 95GT or the EMAX BabyHawk. The 95GT has more power, but the BabyHawk is more agile. Both of these quads can be tuned to feel almost like a full-size quad. The Eachine Lizard95 would be a close third option. It comes ready to rock with a 3S battery.

Learn more about the KingKong 95GTOrder a KingKong 95GT


Learn more about the EMAX BabyHawkOrder an EMAX BabyHawk

More Power/Acro Time

King Kong 90GT vs 110GT
The KingKong 110GT with the smaller 90GT

Maybe you’ve been flying for a while and you are ready to do some freestyle flying. The KingKong 110GT is the perfect quad for that. It has gobs of power and is the micro for freestyling. We would recommend you pick up a 3S battery and start rocking. You won’t know the difference between this micro and a full-size once you are flying.

Learn more about the KingKong 110GTOrder a KingKong 110GT

Should I Get a Micro FPV Quad?

Whether you are a newbie, a hardcore racer or even a DJI Phantom flyer we would recommend you pick up a brushless micro FPV racer. These drones are light, portable, powerful and a blast to fly. If you don’t feel quite ready for the power of brushless and want an inexpensive indoor flyer to practice FPV then take a look at the Eachine E013/R011. It’s a good all-in-one option for the beginner.

redpawz r011 eachine e013
This is one of the BEST all in one FPV packages for a beginner.
Learn more about the E013Order an E013/R011


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