Hubsan H122D sTORM DRONE

Hubsan H122D: An FPV Flyer for Beginners

*****We’ve done a full review of the Hubsan H122D X4 Storm. Click here to check it out. Below is our pre-release speculation.*****


The new Hubsan H122D is a very intriguing product. Not too long ago Hubsan was the absolute world leader in beginner drones. Their X4 H107 models were very popular and a must-have drone for any new pilot. Then they came out with their best-selling model, the H107D. It was the same fun flyer but with a reliable FPV feed and a built-in screen on the remote. It seemed like a slam dunk, but it did have some important flaws.

The biggest problem was the narrow field of view and downward-looking camera. Because of the poor camera design choices, the drone is very difficult to fly relying on the FPV. Instead of fixing the issue, Hubsan has continued restyling drones with the same flaws and they have been slashing prices on all of their products. Now it looks like Hubsan may finally be getting back into the game for real. Has Hubsan learned their lesson?

X4 Spin
The original Hubsan X4 FPV had a lot of potential, but was flawed by a poor field of view.

The H122D FPV Drone

The H122D looks to be an aggressive FPV flyer. While a lot of the specs aren’t out yet, it does claim to have an HD camera with onboard recording. This, combined with the 5.8 GHz FPV, makes this an exciting offering from Hubsan.

Hubsan H122D FPV
The new Hubsan H122D has a totally different design from the old X4.

The quad looks durable and the carbon fiber frame should hold up well in crashes. The internal components of the drone and the camera are protected by a canopy as well. Unfortunately, the motors do not appear to be brushless but are probably high capacity as this little quad is running on a 7.4v 2S battery. That extra power should help make this a fun flyer. There aren’t many brushed drones that run on 2S batteries, but the ones that do, like the Flying Frog, are a lot of fun.

The H122D also claims to have WiFi FPV in addition to 5.8GHz so you can fly with traditional FPV goggles or use your smartphone. It also claims to have follow me and orbit modes so this quad looks to be a little bit more than just an FPV flyer. If the camera really is a 720p HD camera then this becomes an interesting option.

Hubsan H122D HD camera
Hubsan H122D with goggles

The H122D should have multiple speeds for pilots to learn on and it will likely do flips and rolls with the push of a button. It also has a battery monitoring system and the drone should alert you or land when the battery is low.

Hubsan FPV h122 drone
The Hubsan H122D remote looks simple and easy to use.

The H122D should have a flight time of around 6-8 minutes and a range of close to 100 meters. It looks like there will be a basic version and a version that comes with FPV goggles and monitor.

Check out some other specs below.

Hubsan H122D Micro Racing Drone
Frame: Carbon Fiber
Quadcopter Size: 112.5 x 111 x 62mm
Weight(Including  Battery): 116.5 g
Battery: 2S 7.4V 710mAh Lipo.
Camera: HD 720P(Built-in)
Flight Time: Around 6-8minutes
Motor: Coreless
Range: 100 meters
Memory card: 4G TF card. Max support: 1- 32GB card class 4 (not included )
4 LED indicators & Rubber feet
Function: Flips & Rolls,Low Battery Protection,Compatible With FatShark

Should You Get a Hubsan H122D?

The Hubsan H122D is most definitely an intriguing FPV option. It will probably be an excellent starter FPV drone for a beginner. Geekbuying has it listed at $72.99, which is a solid price for a beginner FPV drone with an HD camera.

Order a Hubsan H122D from Geekbuying

Order a Hubsan H122D from Banggood

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