Eachine FlyingFrog Q90: Ridiculous Power for a Tiny Drone

Eachine has come out with another interesting FPV micro quad. This one, the FlyingFrog Q90, has some rather intriguing features. Rather than the standard 3.7-volt battery that powers every other drone this size, this mini-drone is fueled by a more powerful 7.4-volt 350 mAh battery. The extra juice makes this little flyer more responsive, faster and more fun to fly. 

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This drone gets away from the ducted motors used by many small drones and opts for the more powerful open two-blade propeller design. Eachine has included individual propeller guards to help keep the drone safer during indoor flight. As an added bonus this drone looks like a cute frog. If you aren’t into the frog look you can opt to change the outer shell from green to white.

Frog Drone
Take a look at what you get with the Flying Frog.
The Props

The 2-blade props used on the FlyingFrog are a big step up in performance when compared to 4-blade ducted drones like the QX70, E010 or Inductrix. In our testing, this style of propeller delivers 50% more thrust than the equivalent 4-blade design. The Flying Frog uses the same props as the QX90, which dramatically outperforms the QX70 for no other reason than the larger diameter 2-blade props on the QX90.

Props Comparison
The 2-blade prop delivers 53% more thrust than the equivalent 4-blade prop from the Eachine QX70
The FPV Camera

The FPV camera on the Flying Frog is positioned nicely up front and shielded by the frog-shaped outer shell. It doesn’t have a cloverleaf antenna like the QX90, which is a plus for a couple reasons. The first downside to cloverleaf antennas is that they are typically exposed and prone to damage. Cloverleaf antennas get the job done but they bend and break easily. Second, they are big and ugly. The Frog’s antenna is hidden mostly inside the drone, helping to give it a clean look and protecting it during crashes. The included guards will make your frog less likely to croak. The design of the frog reminds us a little of the Hubsan X4 FPV.

Eachine Micro FPV
The FPV camera sits under the protective “frog” housing.

Important Specs

The Flying Frog is built on the F3 racing controller and comes in the expected three flavors: Frsky, DSM2 or Flysky.

Flight Time: 8 minutes
Size: 3.5” x 3.5” x 1.6”
Weight: 41g (w/o battery)
Camera: Micro 7mm 1000TVL HD COMS with 110° FOV
Transmitter: 5.8g 200mw 40CH
Motors: 8520 14,000kv (2S)
Battery: 7.4v 30c 350 mAh (2S)

Eachine Q90
Take a look at the Q90 from above.

The inclusion of a 7.4-volt power system and the performance of two-blade propellers make the FlyingFrog Q90 a most interesting drone to try out. This drone is an excellent low-cost alternative to a Tiny Whoop. The fact that it starts around $60 makes this a steal. You should pick up a frog today before they all hop away.

Check the current price of the FlyingFrog Q90
Eachine micro drone
The Q90 is a solid option


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Drone sale on amazon

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