MJX M1: Is This the Best Low-Cost Alternative to a Phantom?

MJX has built some fantastic brushless drones with the Bugs series. The formula they followed was simple: Build a high quality, versatile drone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It looks like MJX is applying that formula to one of their newest drone concepts, the M1. The M1 was developed to be an aerial photography drone.  Will it be enough to compete with the Phantom series? Does MJX have what it takes to create a DJI Phantom killer?

Does the design of the M1 look familiar?

What is the M1?

At first glance, there is no mistaking the resemblance to a DJI Phantom. This drone was built to compete with the DJI Phantom Standard 3. While it is still under development, we suspect this drone was built to serve as a lower cost alternative that still has some of the features and flight modes you would want on an aerial photography drone.

M1 Features

The M1 will feature a 2.7K camera on a three-axis gimbal. This is on par with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. The gimbal will be able to rotate 130-degrees up and down to help you capture pictures and videos at a variety of angles. Videos will be stored on and onboard SD card.

MJX M1 HD Camera
Take a look at the camera on the M1.

You will be able to view the video feed from the drone via a 5.8 GHz feed. MJX claims a range of up to 1000 meters, which again is comparable to the Phantom 3 Standard. MJX has developed a new remote transmitter that will utilize a dual antenna design for better transmission quality.

M1 remote
You can attach the monitor to the remote in order to view the FPV feed from the M1

The M1 will feature GPS and GLONASS to help keep it stable during flight. It will utilize a 12.6 V 6000 mAh smart battery with LED indicator lights. Like the drone, the battery looks a whole lot like a DJI product.

M1 Intelligent Battery
The Intelligent Battery has a familiar appearance to anyone who has flown a DJI Phantom.

Flight Modes have yet to be announced, but there will be an automatic takeoff and landing feature, return to home and a headless mode. We are also hopeful for an orbit mode, waypoints and follow me.

The M1 will feature a stand-alone monitor that is also compatible with the MJX headset if you prefer to fly FPV using goggles. It will not have the features of the DJI Goggles, but the MJX goggles will only be a fraction of the cost of DJI’s top-of-the-line product.

Take a look at the M1 monitor and optional goggles.

Should You Buy the M1?

When it comes to drone manufacturers, DJI is definitely king. However, while most of the second-tier competitors seem to be throwing darts at a board when they pick features for a drone, MJX clearly has some direction. The M1 most definitely has potential to be an excellent drone. If MJX can deliver an aerial photography drone at a fraction of the cost of a Phantom it would be a great first drone for anyone looking to getting into aerial photography.

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