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DJI Phantom 3 Accessories

You’ve got your shiny new Phantom 3 and you love it. Now you want to deck it out. You want to be able to fly for more than 20 minutes at a time. You want to bring it everywhere, but don’t want to carry it around in the box. We have some solutions. Keep reading or click here to get started. Are you looking for accessories for your other drones? We can help too.

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The first thing you’ll want to get are some extra batteries. Aftermarket batteries can be hit-or-miss. Some people have luck with them, others do not. OEM DJI Batteries are expensive. We have the top rated Amazon batteries as well as OEM batteries in our Amazon aStore. You may want to pick up an extra charger, depending on how much you fly. 

Not familiar with Amazon aStores?  The aStore we created is nothing more than a curated list of products that we recommend. It is an easy way for you to add things to your Amazon cart. When you are done picking items you are interested in, you can select “Proceed to checkout” and it will send you to Amazon. There you will have an opportunity to add the items you selected to your Amazon cart.

Phantom 3 accessories


You will also want a backpack for your P3. There are a lot of options out there. Some people like hard shells and some people prefer a more traditional backpack. That is more of a personal preference. We’ve got the two top ranked backpacks in our Amazon aStore and the top rated case that even allows you to leave the props on. If you want to pick your own backpack there are a lot of different options.

You’ll probably want to pick up some extra propellers. Mishaps happen and chances are you’ll break or compromise one, and you don’t want to be grounded because you don’t have any props. Propeller guards are also a good idea if you are a new pilot, they will help keep you from damaging the propellers.
 As a new pilot, the DJI remote can be a little intimidating. It should be labeled better. That can be done pretty easily. You could also beef up the smartphone holder especially if you use a tablet.  A range extender is a definite must. Even if you don’t need to fly further, everyone benefits from a stronger signal. While you are upgrading the remote, why not add some grips? How about making your new P3 look cooler? There are a lot of different “skins” or “decals”. Search for a variety of skins by following this link to Phantom 3 Skins.  Check out some of the excellent filters. There are a lot of good options to help you make your awesome drone “awesomer.”
Tools and Materials

A prop balancer is recommended by all the pros. Balanced props will help reduce vibrations, extend the life of your drone and reduce artifacts in your videos. You can balance the props with little bits of tape.  Double-sided tape, velcro, zip ties, and glue are great things to have around for minor drone repairs or modifications. Pick up some lens cloths for your camera and filters if you don’t have them already. If you don’t have a good set of drivers and tools for electronics we can vouch for the set from Oria, they work well and are much less expensive than the set made by iFixIt.

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Check out our Amazon aStore for these and other great options for your Phantom 3.

Phantom 3 Accessories

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