Phantom 3 Professional

Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced: How Good is the Phantom 3 Series?

Phantom 3 Professional

Starting Under $800

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS
  • ▪Excellent Range
  • ▪4K camera
  • CONS
  • ▪Lacks Obstacle Avoidance


  • Range: 3.1 miles
  • Flight Time: 23 minutes
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs (Must Register)
  • Size: Full

We’ve made it very clear that we are big fans of the Phantom 4 Professional. We also aren’t shy about promoting the Phantom 3 Standard as a heck of a deal. So how about the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional models? Are they still relevant? Are they worth purchasing? Spoiler alert: Yes!

Phantom 3 Professional

The Phantom 3 Standard has some limitations and its biggest one is the lack of range.  The Professional and Advanced models have five times the range of the Phantom 3 Standard. You’ll get a maximum range of 3.1 miles (5km) with the updated models. There is also some added safety and stability with the dual GPS or GPS/GLONASS systems on the Advanced and Professional models. You will also gain vision positioning systems and DJI’s patented Lightbridge system for long distance lag-free FPV viewing.

Phantom 3 Professional

The cameras on the Standard and Advanced models are the same high-quality 2.7K camera, but upgrading to the Professional gets you a crisp 4K camera. Don’t get us wrong the 2.7K is a good camera and the Advanced model is a staple in the fleet of the largest aerial photography company in the United States, CAVU. But as the trend to 4K video grows the price gap between the Advanced and Professional model Phantoms shrinks. Once upon a time you paid quite a premium to upgrade from the Advanced to the Professional model, but that dollar gap has narrowed. For about $50 it is probably worth adding the 4K camera, but we will let you make that decision.

The Phantom 3 Professional is a great drone to record breath-taking video or high-quality aerial photos. In fact, the Phantom 3 Pro is the Half Chrome Drones workhorse.  We love flying it and are confident you will too.

Phantom 3 Professional

The Phantom 3 drone series has some fantastic video modes including follow me, waypoints, course lock, point of interest, return home, and more. These features allow you to take great shots and automate some of they flying. All of these are achieved using DJI’s free app on your connected smartphone or tablet.

Take a look at how the Phantom 3 Professional stacks up versus the Phantom 4 Professional and the original Phantom 3 Standard.
Phantom 3 pro vs phantom 4 pro
Prices are subject to change

If you don’t need the sensors and extended range and flight time of the Phantom 4 Professional and you are looking for a little more drone than the Phantom 3 Standard then we would definitely recommend taking a look at the Phantom 3 Professional. While it may not be the new kid on the block it still is an awesome machine capable of taking breathtaking 4K aerial footage.

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