Walkera G-2D gimbal

Walkera G-2D Gimbal: An Affordable Way to Get Stable Footage

The Walkera G-2D gimbal is a lightweight two-axis brushless motor gimbal. It is versatile. We have used it on a handful of different drones including the MJX Bugs 3 and a few different Syma X8 models. It certainly is not limited to just those models. If your drone can carry it, then you should consider adding it. Good luck finding another gimbal for under $50 that works half as well as the Walkera G-2D. This gimbal is a heck of a deal.

Check out our GoPro footage flying on our Walkera Gimbal in Mexico

A lot of drones can carry small action cameras, but unfortunately very few add stabilization mounts and even fewer add gimbals. A good stabilization mount can help take away some of the vibrations from the drone, but when you are flying the drone will tilt and even a good stabilization mount can’t fix that. That is where the gimbal comes into play. The gimbal keeps the camera level as you fly your drone getting excellent aerial footage.

Walkera Handheld In Action
While not as good as a 3-axis gimbal, the two-axis Walkera gimbal can help create pretty stable footage (expecially for a more experienced user than this one).

Not only does this gimbal get great footage from the underbelly of your drone. We have used it as a handheld gimbal as well. We created a simple, and easy to make gimbal holder so that we could get great smooth footage on the ground, just like in the air. We made ours in the woodshop in about 20 minutes. If you want us to design a 3D-printable version just let us know and we’ll add it to the list of 3D CAD files we are creating. Send a request to info@halfchrome.com.

Walkera Handheld

To get your Walkera gimbal powered you’ll need a 7.4v connection. You can either splice into the power from your drone, or attach a second battery. You’ll need a battery with a JST connector, like this one. You will also need a good action camera. The GoPro Hero 4 is an excellent option and it will take fantastic photos and videos. There are also a lot of good inexpensive action cameras available on Amazon if you are looking to save some money. Depending on the drone you may need a connection to get the gimbal attached to your drone, or you may want some battery ties or zip ties to make sure the gimbal and camera are both secure.

Last, but not least you’ll need a drone. We highly recommend a brushless motor drone. Brushless motor drones are more efficient and powerful than the brushed motor drones. The MJX Bugs 3 is an excellent option and one of our favorite brushless motor drones. Check out the article here on how we attached the Walkera gimbal to the MJX Bugs 3.

Bugs Walkera Tilt

If you are looking to get good smooth footage then you should definitely look into the Walkera G-2D gimbal. It works great on brushless motor drones, but also as a handheld unit. Grab your action camera and get ready to create some spectacular footage.

Check the price of the Walkera G-2D Read more about how we used the Walkera G-2D


Walkera on a Bugs3
Drone, iguana and Darth Vader are optional
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