Syma X8SW

The New Syma X8SC and X8SW. Is the Upgrade Worth It?

Syma X8SW

Starting around $100

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • ▪Auto Takeoff & Altitude Hold
  • ▪Quick Assembly
  • CONS:
  • ▪No Gimbal
  • ▪Lag in FPV
  • ▪Doesn't perform well in wind


  • Range: 70 m
  • Flight Time: 9 min
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (register)
  • Size: Full
Syma X8S
Check out the new Syma X8S from all angles

What’s New on the X8S Models?

The new Syma X8SC and Syma X8SW are definitely upgrades to the X8 lineup. The new S models have some subtle, but important differences. All of the new S models have a redesigned controller, quick assembly features, auto-takeoff / landing, and altitude hold. The style and paint schemes are slightly updated, but overall the new models are very similar in appearance to the previous models.

The Syma X8SC and X8SW models are both white with red trim. We got our hands on an upgraded model, which we believe Syma will eventually call this the X8SG when it is released. The X8SG has the improved Syma 8-megapixel camera and it is red with black trim. The power button on all of the S models is moved to the top of the drone for more convenient access. The battery has been upgraded to a DJI-style snap-in design. This means that inserting and removing the batteries is much easier than before. Unfortunately, it also means that older batteries are now obsolete. While it looks like a smart battery, the new X8S battery is a standard 2000mAh battery.

Watch our flight video and comparison to the older Syma X8

Watch us snap it together in just one minute

One of the nice updates to the X8S lineup is the quick connect setup features. Everything snaps into place. You no longer have to worry about screws or wires. The legs and the propeller guards click into place easily and quickly. The propellers can be put on and taken off in seconds. The drone, including snap-on camera and battery, can be assembled in under one minute. This is great for making the drone easy to transport, or if you are just tired of installing tiny screws like we are. Check out the animation below to see how easily the Syma X8 models snap together.

Syma X8S

Syma X8SG
Syma X8 assembly

The New Remote

Syma also updated the remote to a sleek new look. It now looks similar to the DJI Phantom remote (no surprise there). The cell phone holder connects quickly and easily to the remote control for the WiFi models.

Syma Remote

The new flight feature that has been added is auto takeoff and landing. The drone will lift off the ground and hover after pressing the takeoff button. It will also descend and land with another press of the same button. Do NOT confuse this as return home, as it is not. The drone will simply lower altitude and land on a press, completely unaware of its surroundings. All of the new Syma X8S models have the altitude hold feature and it is not something that can be turned off. It does a nice job of keeping the drone at a level altitude but can have some issues in a stiff wind. All new models also have headless mode.

Syma X8SW
Syma X8SW

The new Syma X8S models are a lot of fun to fly. You can expect performance very similar to the older Syma X8 lineup. These drones will perform flips and twists with the push of a button. Currently, you can order the Syma X8SC or Syma X8SW models from Bangood or Amazon, but the X8SG has yet to be released other than the rebranded SkyThunder 8500WH version. The rebranded X8SG models have been found at a few consumer outlets but should be available from Banggood and Amazon soon. Strangely, the X8SG/8500WH model is neither listed on Syma’s or SkyThunder’s website yet. 

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Syma Camera Options

As with the other Syma models, you have two camera choices. You can opt for the 2MP 720p camera and that can be found on the X8SC and X8SW models. The X8SW model adds WiFi connectivity and will allow for FPV (first person view) from the drone’s perspective. The X8SG or 8500WH adds the Syma action camera capable of 8MP and 1080p. The X8SG or 8500WH also has WiFi for FPV. While the 8MP action camera is good, you won’t get professional quality footage. We would highly recommend buying the most inexpensive model (X8SC) and adding an isolation mount and a decent low-cost action camera . This mount can even handle a GoPro if you choose. We’ve written an entire article on how to do this and you can read about it here.

 Check the price of the isolation mount
Check the price of the action camera 

DB Power with Camera Mount

How do the X8S models compare to older X8 models?


The biggest difference is the design of the drone.  The quick connect features of the new X8S models make it easier to disassemble and transport. We love being able to snap new batteries in and out without dealing with the connection plugs. The new controller design is also a bonus. It feels more polished and is more compact. The altitude hold versions are standard on all “S” and “H” models, but not on the earlier versions of the X8. The “S” model adds the auto takeoff and landing feature. The performance of the different models is very similar.

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Should I Buy a New Syma X8?

Overall, the new Syma X8S models are an improvement and definitely worth the small increase in price when compared to last year’s models. However, if you are looking to take really good pictures we’d recommend you either add an action camera and isolation mount to an X8SC or that you upgrade to a slightly pricier drone. There are some good choices that we outline in this article, our favorite is the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

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Bebop and Phantom 3
Phantom 3 Standard and Original Parrot Bebop

Flight Tests

The new X8S models, as well as the original Syma X8 models, are very rugged drones. They seem almost unbreakable. We still haven’t even replaced the props on our X8W that has been crashed dozens of times. Be entertained as you watch us abuse these poor drones.

Now that you have your new Syma…

You probably don’t want to stop flying your new drone. We’d suggest picking up some spare batteries. Maybe you want a better camera or a nice case to transport your drone. We can help. We will discuss the best accessories for your new Syma X8 drone, whichever model you fly. Click here to read our article on the best accessories for a Syma X8.

Syma X8 Accessories

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