The Best Drones for Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day: What is the Best Drone for Dad?

If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift then look no further – dad needs a drone. The right drone is sure to put a smile on the face of the man you call “dad.”

What Drone is Right for Dad?

From videography drones to high-speed racers, there is a drone that the father in your life will love (even if he already has a drone). We’ve done the research and can provide you with some fantastic options regardless of what your budget is. So ask yourself, “what kind of guy is dad?”

Gadget Geek – Only the Newest and Best for Dad

Mavic Air by DJI
Take a look at then new DJI Mavic Air

If your father is the kind of guy that needs the newest and best things then the DJI Mavic Air is the drone for him. It was designed to be easy to fly and setup and you can get this little quad in the air quickly. The Mavic Air is the newest model in DJI’s lineup it surely won’t disappoint. It is a small and versatile drone capable of taking excellent 4K video footage and is ultra portable with its unique foldable design. Starting at $799 it just might be the best drone you can buy under $1000. Learn more about the Mavic Air HERE.

Buy the Mavic Air from DJIBuy the Mavic Air from Amazon

Aerial Ansel Adams – The Photography Drones

Maybe your dad fancies himself as a photographer. Maybe he is just looking for a drone to take great videos of your family vacations. In either case, we’ve got two excellent options, the DJI Mavic and the DJI Phantom Pro 4 V2.0.

DJI Mavic Drone
Watch the Mavic transform before your eyes.

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is a compact aerial photography machine. It has all the bells and whistles your dad will need: GPS, Return to Home, Waypoint navigation, Selfie Mode, Orbit Mode and more. It captures excellent 4K footage, and can still fold up to about the size of a water bottle, so dad can throw it in his backpack and hit the road. The Mavic Pro is a little larger than the Mavic Air, but has some touches that a serious photographer will love. It costs around $1000, depending on which package you choose and is a little more capable than the smaller Mavic Air. Learn more about the Mavic Pro Platinum HERE.

Buy the Mavic Pro Platinum from DJIBuy the Mavic Pro Platinum from Amazon

For those that are on a tighter budget, you may want to consider the DJI Spark. The smaller Spark still has a lot of the same great features as the Mavics but doesn’t fold up. You’ll be able to capture crisp 1080p full HD video and receive all of the benefits of the support and reliability of the DJI brand. The easy-to-fly Spark starts around $399. Make sure you get the optional remote. It makes flying the Spark both better and easier. Learn more about the DJI Spark HERE.

Buy the Spark from DJIBuy the Spark from Amazon
Ryze Tello with Yuneec Breeze and DJI Spark
See how the size of the Tello compares to larger drones from DJI

The First-Time Flyer – Tello with “Autopilot”

Ok, so maybe this drone option doesn’t actually an have an autopilot feature, but the Ryze Tello is the most stable non-GPS drone we have ever flown. It has a bunch of features that you typically don’t see on a drone under $100. Its 5 MP camera with electronic image stabilization is the best in its class. With a handful of automatic flight modes, dad will be the envy of the neighboorhood. Learn more about the Ryze Tello HERE.

Order the Tello from DJIOrder the Tello from Amazon


The Speed Demon – Racing Drones

Maybe your father spends a lot of time watching ESPN. If that is the case, then he’s probably seen drone racing. Yes, it is pretty darn cool and he probably wants to try it himself. We’ve got the perfect drone for him, the DYS Shark Mako. We wouldn’t recommend picking up a full-sized racer for dad. Those powerful motors can be dangerous, but a micro racer is a good place to start. The DYS Shark Mako is a blast to fly and can pull off moves like the full-sized quads you see flying on the DRL (Drone Racing League). Grab a pair of FPV goggles and you are ready to go. Learn more about the DYS Shark Mako HERE.

Order the DYS Shark Mako from GearbestOrder the DYS Shark Mako from Amazon


The Couch Potato – Affordable Indoor Drone

You are probably thinking, “Why would my dad want this toy?” Well, even if he isn’t an enthusiast of Ninja Lego dudes, the Eachine E011 is still a perfect drone for any dad. It is lightweight and has ducted motors so it can be safely flown indoors around the entire family. It is nearly indestructible, we haven’t been able to break ours despite our best efforts. Our favorite thing about this drone is that it is the best indoor FPV platform available for under $25. If your man can tinker, he can turn this ducted warrior into an FPV indoor racer in about 10 minutes.

E011 FPV
The E011 can convert from a Lego-carrying drone to a camera-carrying FPV drone.

Even if your dad already owns a high-end photography drone, he will still love this toy. Who cares if it is raining? Fly this bad little machine around the house and pester the house pets. Learn more about the E011 HERE.

Buy the E011 from BanggoodBuy the E011 from Amazon

Weekend Warrior – Brushless Speed on a Budget

The F100 is a good-looking brushless quad that is incredibly versatile. It has a flight time of almost 20 minutes and a range of up to 500 meters. You can use it to carry a GoPro, or even add an FPV camera. The F100 is steady enough to use for taking video, but also fast enough to zip around and leave toy drones in the dust. You can pick up an F100 for around $170 This is a great drone for any dad, whether they just want to fly or if they like to tinker and upgrade everything they own. If you don’t need a camera then take a look at the lower-priced MJX Bugs 3. Learn more about the F100 HERE.

MJX Bugs 3
Take a look at the versatile Force1 F100
Buy an MJX Bugs 3Buy the Force1 F100

Pool Partier – An Inexpensive Waterproof Drone

If you want to get dad something fun that is almost indestructible and is less than $30 then consider the JJRC H31. It is a waterproof drone that is fun to fly and is one of the most durable drones on the market today. Dad doesn’t have to be a pro to fly this thing and it’s not a problem if he accidentally parks the drone in the middle of the pool. Learn more about the JJRC H31 HERE.

best waterproof drone

Buy the JJRC H31 from BanggoodBuy the JJRC H31 from Amazon


The Must-Have Accessory to go with Drone

Latest goggles from DJI
Goggles RE support 360° Viewing and give an awesome FPV experience.

To go along with the Spark, Mavic or Phantom we recommend the new DJI Goggles RE (Race Edition). These will give dad the ability to experience flying his new drone in a new and exciting way. These FPV goggles are top of the line and offer a crisp HD view from the perspective of his drone. The new Goggles RE will even for with other drones. It will work with any analog 5.8 GHz FPV drone also. Learn more about the Goggles RE HERE.

Buy the DJI Goggles RE from DJIBuy the DJI Goggles RE from Amazon

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