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MJX Bugs 7 -4K, foldable, 245 grams and less than $200

MJX has been producing quality drones for a while. They have excellent stability and are a blast to fly. Their cameras are better than most drones in their price range. The new MJX Bugs B7 looks to be more of the same and could be one of the better drones you can buy for less than $200.

No, it isn’t going to compete with some of the more expensive camera drones out there. But if you are looking for a good beginner drone then this is a good place to start. Let’s take a closer look.

MJX Bugs B7

mjx bugs 7

MJX has been making quality drones for quite some time. They are probably our favorite manufacturer of photography drones that cost less than $200. Too often drone companies don’t spend the time making sure their drone is right before they make them available to consumers. MJX is one company that puts in the extra effort to make sure their drones are well made and operate correctly. The new Bugs 7 is a fun, new drone that won’t break the bank from a reliable company.

Bugs 7 vs Mavic Mini?

mjx bugs 7 vs mavic mini

The Bugs B7 is a foldable GPS drone with a 4K camera. MJX wants you to compare it to the Mavic Mini, and like the Mavic Mini, it weighs less than 250 grams, tipping the scales at a lightweight 245 grams. That means it won’t have to be registered with the FAA and has fewer restrictions in a lot of other countries as well. The Bugs B7 is a fine drone, but it isn’t anything near as nice as the Mavic Mini. Keep in mind that the MJX B7 will only cost you around $150 vs the $399 of the Mavic Mini.

It uses GPS along with optical flow in order to help keep it stable. The 4K camera isn’t on a gimbal, so don’t expect to be able to capture stabilized footage. When comparing specs with the Mavic Mini one may think that 4K on the B7 is better than the 2.7K of the Mini but that just isn’t the case.

mjx bugs b7

The 4K camera will shoot 4K at a slow 16fps and 2.5K at 25 fps. Images are saved to a micro SD card onboard the drone. The pictures look very good and the videos are decent. 4K videos tend to look choppy at only 17 fps so we recommend shooting at 2.5K instead. Unfortunately, there isn’t any image stabilization so your videos will be shaky unless you fly on windless days and have smooth and perfect precision. Image transmission is sent to your phone via an app at 720p. The camera angle can not be adjusted via the remote, you’ll have to do that by hand.

There are a lot of other important factors that go into a camera other than resolution. While the 4K of the B7 may sound good it won’t be nearly as crisp or as nice as even the 1080p of the Mavic Mini. Without a gimbal or image stabilization software, all videos will be shaky. Pictures coming off the Bugs will still be decent, however.

bugs 7 drone

MJX Bugs B7 Specs

The MJX Bugs B7 claims to have a flight time of about 15 minutes, but you can expect closer to 12. The maximum image transmission range will be about 300 meters and it uses 5G or AC WiFi technology so you’ll have to make sure your phone is compatible. It uses efficient brushless 1306 motors and isn’t overly noisy. It is pretty fast. I actually wish slow speed was a bit slower as I think that would help to capture better video footage.

The Bugs B7 does have an orbit feature, as well as a follow me mode. Both work reasonably well, as does the GPS return to home feature. Overall this Bugs B7 looks like a nice addition to the Bugs lineup and the sub-250-gram weight helps make this one a winner. Is it an alternative to the Mavic Mini? Yes, if the two most important things to you are price and weight, but not if you want to compare any of the actual features of the drone…


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