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Syma X8 Pro: GPS and an HD Camera

Syma X8 Pro

Starting at $109 w/code

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • ▪ GPS
  • ▪ Stability
  • ▪ Can carry an action camera
  • CONS:
  • ▪ No Gimbal
  • ▪ Brushed Motors


  • Range: 70 meters
  • Flight Time: 9 minutes
  • Size: 50 x 50 x 19 cm
  • Camera: 720p 1 MP

The new Syma X8 Pro is the first drone in the X8 lineup with GPS capability. We love the Syma X8 lineup, so adding GPS must make this quad a winner, right? Well not so fast.

Great Idea, but…

Syma X8 Pro with remote
Syma X8 Pro

You might be thinking this is an awesome drone. GPS on one of the best Syma models to date, however, the implementation isn’t the best. It flies alright, but the GPS almost seems to get in the way as it tries to correct flight paths. This makes the X8 Pro a little jittery and jumpy as you fly. We would recommend sticking with an original X8 model instead.

Syma X8Pro
The new Syma X8 Pro has built-in GPS.

The First X8 with GPS

The first and most important difference between the X8 Pro and every other X8 model before it is that it will include a GPS module. You might think this would make it the most stable X8 model there is, however, that, unfortunately, isn’t the case. The inclusion of GPS also means that with the push of a button the X8 Pro will return to the same place it took off. Return-to-home will also be activated if the aircraft loses connection or the battery running out of juice.

Syma X8 GPS
The Syma X8 Pro has a new adjustable camera.

X8 Pro Styling

The new X8 Pro will have the new updated styling and snap-together assembly of the X8SC and X8SW. The snap-on legs and propeller guards were a nice touch on the new X8 models and we are glad to see it on the X8 Pro. We were able to fully assemble ours in 60 seconds, which makes getting the X8 Pro ready for transport or ready to fly a real joy.

Syma X8SG
Watch the new Syma X8 get put together in a snap.

All-New X8 Pro Camera

The camera on the X8 Pro is also new. It will feature an HD camera that is capable of 720p video and 1 MP still photos. The pilot will be able to control the camera from the remote, but it appears to be a one-axis gimbal capable of 90° of motion. It is not a gimbal that will stabilize the image. You can control the angle via some servo motors. It is a nice idea, but the implementation again isn’t the best. The camera housing isn’t the best and it bounces around a bit. That means the image quality is actually quite poor.

Syma X8 Pro
The F100 is an alternative to the X8 Pro.

Better Options

F100 vs Bugs 3
Take a look at the F100 and the Bugs 3. They are two awesome drones and both better options than the X8 Pro.

If you are looking for a versatile drone that is still inexpensive but has a better camera, we’d recommend taking a look at the Force1 F100. It is a brushless drone and comes with a removable 3MP action camera. Either that or pick up an original Syma X8 and upgrade the camera.

Check out BETTER and CHEAPER Syma X8 ModelsCheck out the F100

Syma X8HG and X8C

Really almost any X8 model is better. We really like the X8W and the X8HG models.

It is likely that the camera can still be upgraded on the X8 Pro with a stabilizing mount and an action camera for even better footage. Here’s how we did it. The Syma X8 model has been one of the best and most affordable aerial photography platforms for people that want to get their action cameras into the sky at the lowest possible price. The new X8 Pro should allow for even more stable footage.

Syma X8S Camera Change
Most Syma X8 models are versatile and can be upgraded to an action camera or even to a 2-axis gimbal.

The X8 Pro will also feature WiFi FPV that will transmit to your smartphone via an app. Other features on the X8 Pro include altitude hold, headless mode, and one-key takeoff and landing.

Syma X8 Pro Specs

Range: 70 meters
Flight Time: 9 minutes
Camera: 720p 1MP
Battery: 2000mAh 7.4v
Size: 19.6 x 19.6 x 7.4 inches (50 x 50 x 19 cm)

Potential Improvements

We really were hoping to see brushless motors on the X8 Pro. It would have made the X8 that much more powerful and aggressive. Also, an active stabilizing gimbal would have been a great addition. A better camera would have been nice, especially with the addition of GPS we would hope for a minimum of a 1080p, 3MP camera. At least you’ll still have the option to upgrade to an action camera if you choose.

RC Quadcopter with camera

We also would have preferred a different method of FPV. WiFi FPV does work, but if both the drone and the video signal are sharing the same 2.4 GHz signal there is potential for interference. Hopefully, this isn’t the case. Moving to a 5.8 GHz signal would have solved this potential issue.

Should You Get a Syma X8 Pro?

The Syma X8 Pro does add GPS and an improved camera, but is it worth it? We are big fans of previous X8 models. Whether you choose a first generation X8, the second generation with altitude hold or one of these new models you are sure to enjoy it. Syma X8 drones are some of the most durable and affordable aerial photography starter drones out there. We would probably recommend picking up an older version of the X8 or a Force1 F100.

Syma X8 Pro Specs

The Syma X8 Pro is a pretty good deal at just $119.99 but is an even better deal with the $10 off code HTY10S. You will be hard-pressed to find a better and more inexpensive GPS drone with this kind of quality.

Order a BETTER Syma X8

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