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Force1 F100: A Sleek and Powerful Brushless Quad



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  • PROS:
  • ▪ Versatile
  • ▪ Powerful and Efficient Brushless Motors
  • ▪ Optional HD Camera
  • CONS:
  • ▪ No GPS/Altitude Hold
  • ▪ No FPVRa


  • Range: 500 meters
  • Flight Time: 20 minutes
  • Camera: 1080p (optional)
Force1 F100
Take a look at the versatile Force1 F100

Force1 has teamed up with MJX to come up with the Force1 F100 and F100 Ghost. Both of these drones are sharp looking, powerful brushless motor drones. The F100 is very versatile and can be used to carry a GoPro or action camera for awesome aerial footage. Or you can choose to fly your F100 stripped down with no legs or bulky action camera for some extra power and speed. Force1 will even sweeten the deal and send you a free battery if you register your drone with them. Click here do get your free battery. 

Check the F100 PriceCheck the F100 Ghost Price

What is the Force1 F100?

The F100 is very similar to the MJX Bugs 3. The Bugs 3 is one of our favorite drones and the F100 has a few advantages over the Bugs. For starters, it looks better. Both the drone and the remote look a little more polished that the Bugs. Second, the F100 carries the Force1 label that means you’ll get support from a USA based company, should you run into any issues. Finally, the F100 gives you a much needed second battery so the fun doesn’t end when your battery does.

F100 vs Bugs 3
While the “Bugs” name and appearance is novel, you may prefer the sleaker look of the F100.

F100 Specs

The F100 boasts some impressive specs. You’ll get almost 20 minutes of flight time and a maximum range of 500 meters. It’s powered by powerful 1800kv brushless motors and comes with a 7.4v 1800 mAh 2S battery. If you want even more power you can add a 3S battery. Be careful though, adding a 3S battery makes this thing a little jumpy!

F100 gopro
Have a look at the F100 with the extended legs.

Taking Great Video with the F100

The best thing about the F100 is its versatility. There are few drones out there that are affordable and can carry an action camera or fly fast like the F100. We’ve even been able to fly our F100 with a two-axis Walkera gimbal for incredibly stable aerial footage. It is a great upgrade for about $50. Who needs a Phantom anyway? Click here to learn more about adding a gimbal. We still LOVE our Phantom by-the-way, but this is a great alternative for the person on a budget who wants some stable high-quality aerial shots.

F100 with gimbal
Take a look at the F100 sporting the Walkera Gimbal and wide Phantom legs. Now its an aerial photography machine.

Flying FPV with the F100

F100 FPV
We added FPV to the F100. It took us about 5 minutes and less than $30.

Since the F100 flys fast like a racer, why not add FPV? We picked up an inexpensive camera and transmitter on Amazon and it fits beautifully in place of the front LED. Flying FPV is a thrill. We’ve even used the FPV camera and the Walkera gimbal with an action camera at the same time. If you want to know more about FPV click here.

How to Add FPV

First, you’ll have to pick up a camera and a transmitter. You can get an inexpensive combination that works quite well from Amazon for less than $30. Click here to check it out.

FPV F100
This camera and transmitter combo worked perfectly for the F100

Remove the top shell of the F100. It will pop right off. You’ll want to remove the LED light. There are a couple of screws and it is connected to the board. You’ll fit the camera in place of the LED. We used a small block to keep it snug. Double sided sticky tape works wonders. Place the transmitter in the back with some more tape and connect it to a power source. We used an old Hubsan 2-cell battery, but you can likely find the right voltage by soldering or connecting to the drone’s board. Now you are ready to see the world from a whole new viewpoint.

Force1 Ghost quad
The FPV setup all will tuck nicely under the quad’s shell
F100 drone fpv
The camera looks like it was made to go here.

F100 and F100 Ghost

Force1 offers two slick looking F100s. The standard F100 comes in black and the F100 Ghost comes in white.

F100 vs F100 Ghost
The F100 is black and the F100 Ghost is white

Should I Buy the F100?

The F100 and F100 Ghost are both good looking brushless drones. If you are looking for a drone that can handle your GoPro, then pick up an F100. Do you want to add a stabilizing gimbal for even better pictures? Pick up an F100. Do you want something that can zip around much faster and with better control than a brushed motor drone? Pick up an F100.

F100 Ghost drone
Take a look at the F100 from the top.

Is the F100 a perfect drone? No. We’d love to see it come with an inexpensive action camera or even an FPV camera. It seems that it was built to do so. It is hard to nit-pick this drone though, it is a blast to fly.

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Want to See the F100 in Action?

We flew the F100 with a handful of the MJX Bugs series drones together. The F100 as you can see is a lot of fun to fly.

The F100 is a lot of fun to fly. If you are looking for something a little tamer and want full HD video then you may want to consider the MJX Bugs 2. It is a GPS drone with some nice features.

F100 vs F100 Ghost
Back Row: Black Bugs 9, White Bugs 2, Red Bugs 3.
Front Row: Black F100, White F100 Ghost
Force1 F100 quadcopter
F100 package

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