Aeosenma CG035

Aosenma CG035: An Inexpensive Brushless GPS Drone

The Aosenma CG035 is a GPS enabled brushless quadcopter that has a handful of nice features and flight modes. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another similar brushless GPS drone for under $200. Does that mean you should get one? Keep reading.

Aosenma Drone
Take a look at the Aosenma from above

The Good

The CG035 has some really nice features. The drone is very stable when the GPS is engaged. It has a good follow me, orbit, home lock and return to home modes. These all work well and are fun features that aren’t typically found on a drone in this price range. The drone also has an auto take off and auto-landing feature. You can also control the camera from the remote. The video feed was streamed via 5.8G to the included monitor and it worked quite well to see where the drone was going.

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The CG035 is very stable when you have altitude hold on as well as GPS mode. It has a solid range of about 500 feet and its battery lasted us on average about 12 minutes. We were able to remove the included camera and add our own action camera. The CG035 it could carry the small added weight without issue. We even added a 5.8ghz FPV camera as well.

Aosenma Quadcopter
Take a look at the Aosenma carrying an action camera and an FPV camera

The Bad

You may be wondering why we felt the need to replace the stock camera. Let’s find out. The stock camera is stabilized by a two-axis gimbal. The gimble operates via servo motors, rather than brushless motors like most gimbals on the market. While the gimbal does a decent job of keeping the camera in position, it is quite noisy and not very smooth. The camera itself is poor. It really is a shame that Aosenma didn’t put together a better camera/gimbal combination, if they had this drone would be a great deal under $200.

Flying the CG035 in normal mode is not the same positive experience we had when we flew with GPS. It is not nearly as stable and it is more difficult to keep at a constant altitude than it should be. We would have hoped that the altitude hold could have managed a little better.


When the drone was in GPS mode I was able to invoke a fly-away. While testing the ability for it to stay in position I flipped the drone. When it righted it flew straight up. I wasn’t able to control the drone until I switched off the GPS mode then was able to bring the drone back. It performed normally.

The Remote

The remote has a nice solid feel to it and has a lot of buttons, LEDs, and switches. It is nice to be able to control all of the operations and functions of the drone and camera. However, because there are so many we highly recommend you label it. The blank white remote looks nice and clean, but the multitude of functions that the remote has can be difficult to remember. Do yourself a favor and add labels to the remote.

Is the Aosenma the Right Drone for You?

The CG035 definitely isn’t a perfect drone, but it does have some nice features. The GPS worked to keep the drone stable and the flight modes were solid. The controls seem to be a little glitchy, especially when the drone isn’t in GPS mode. The camera is terrible, so if you are considering the CG035 we’d recommend you skip the version that comes with the camera. It isn’t worth the added cost. It is a decent drone to carry your GoPro or action camera for the right price, but there are better options out there. One of our favorites is the Force1 F100. While it doesn’t have the features of the CG035, it is a great no-frills quad. The F100 has powerful brushless motors and is more than capable of carrying your action camera.

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CG035 Drone

Other options

We’ve already mentioned the Force1 F100 as an alternative to the Aosenma. The F100 comes at a lower cost but lacks the GPS stability. If you are looking for a reliable GPS drone there are a handful of solid options out there. The Phantom 3 Standard is light years ahead of the competition and the 3DR Solo continues to drop in price. Both are worth looking into. In fact, you can compare them side by side along with other GPS drones under $500 here.

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