TK110HW: Mavic Contender or Pretender?

Ever since DJI introduced the Mavic manufacturers have been scrambling to produce inexpensive clones and copies. The TK110HW is one of those inexpensive copies. Can it compare to the Mavic? Let’s find out.

What is the TK110HW?

Skytech TK110HW
TK110 folding drone

The defining feature of the TK100 is its folding design. It is lightweight and compact when it in its smallest form.  The folding arms are well done and lock into place and are released with a push of a button. The landing gear also folds up, but snapping them in and out is a little awkward. They also look slightly out of place when extended, but they do seem to function well. The TK110 has the feel of a toy, especially when comparing it to the DJI Mavic.

TK110HW folding drone
Take a look at the TK110HW in its compact state.

TK110 Features

The TK110 is a good drone for a beginner. It has a handful of useful features that you would hope to find on drones in this price range and class. The TK110 has altitude hold which does a very good job of keeping the drone stable. Headless mode is useful for beginners to help them with the orientation of the quadcopter. The TK110 will perform flips and rolls with the push of a button. It also has an FPV camera and can take and store videos on the phone or the drone.

The camera quality is on par with drones in this class. Don’t expect full HD, or anything remotely close to the quality that you will get with the Mavic. They claim HD, as do many drone manufacturers, but the camera is only 0.3 megapixels. You can expect decent pictures and video if you are outdoors and have good lighting, but the camera will not perform well in low lit situations.

TK folding drone
Take a look at the TK110HW from above

No, the TK110 can’t hold a candle to the Mavic’s camera, but remember the Mavic produces near professional quality video and costs around $1000. You can pick up a TK100 for about $50.

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The WiFi FPV is fairly well done and has less lag than most WiFi FPV drones. The field of view is a little narrow to rely on it to navigate the quad, but it can be useful in lining up pictures and video. The camera angle can be adjusted, which is great for pictures and video.

The Smartphone App

The video feed from the camera can be viewed on your smartphone via an app. The app is well designed and gives you two different options. Option one allows you to use the included remote to control the drone and use your smartphone only for photos and videos. Option two allows you to control the TK110 and all of its functions with your smartphone, without any need for the separate remote. Option two is nice, especially with a portable drone like the TK110. You don’t have to worry about carrying the remote, which is roughly the same size as the drone. It makes it easy to grab and go.

Folding Quad
Take a look at the TK110HW and the well labeled remote

The Remote Control

The remote control is well put together. It has a solid feel and is labeled. A labeled remote may not sound like a big deal, but with all of the features that drones are capable of these days, you don’t want to have to remember which button makes it land and which makes it take a picture. Pressing the wrong button can produce unfavorable results. The remote has a holder to keep your smartphone in place for viewing the live video feed from the drone.

Is the TK110 the Right Drone for You?

Overall, the TK110 is a good drone for a beginner. It has a lot of good features for a drone in its price range. The ability of the TK110 to fly without the remote and fold up are nice for someone looking for a compact drone to take with them. However, do not think that you getting an inexpensive version of the Mavic. The Mavic is an awesome machine and it comes with a hefty pricetag to match. If you want to take a look at a similar drone, take a look at the Tianqu XS809. Like the TK110, the XS809 is an inexpensive folding drone.

Check the Price of the TK110HWLearn more about the DJI Mavic

TK Drone


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