Tianqu XS809W: A Mavic Clone for $50?

Tianqu has built a small drone to look a lot like the DJI Mavic. Not only does it look like a Mavic, but it also folds up like a Mavic. The question is, could this be a low-cost alternative?

The XS809W is a foldable drone with a handful of nice features. Aside from its handy fold up design it also has a headless mode, return home key, multiple speeds, WiFi FPV through a smartphone app and flips with the push of a button.

The Tianqu XS809W folds up like a DJI Mavic

You can also fly the XS809W without the physical transmitter and use your smartphone only. This makes it even more portable without having to worry about bringing the remote.

The remote transmitter that comes with the XS809W very much has a gamepad feel to it. It has a good layout and is even labeled. The remote also has a built-in holder for your smartphone. This is one of the nicer remotes out there for a drone in this price range.

foldable drone
Take a look at the gamepad style Tianqu XS809W remote

WiFi FPV shouldn’t be relied on to fly your quad, but it can be useful when lining up pictures. The XS809W only has a 0.3 megapixel camera so it won’t be taking HD quality video and photos. The pictures and video should look good outdoors in well-lit situations, but will probably struggle in low light.

In perfect conditions you can get a flight time of up to 10 minutes. The XS809W has a range of up to 100 meters. The WiFi connection for FPV will be much more limited.

No, this drone isn’t a Mavic. And it isn’t close. The DJI Mavic is an impressive, cutting edge drone. The Tianqu XS809W is an inexpensive foldable drone suitable for a beginner. If you want the best get a Mavic. If you want an inexpensive folding drone then take a look at the Tianqu XS809W.

Check the price of the Tianqu XS809W

Looking for another option?

If the Tianqu isn’t the drone for you, but you want an inexpensive folding drone take a look at the TK110HW. It has some similar features and a price tag under $50.

Skytech TK110HW
The TK110HW is an inexpensive folding drone.


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