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JJRC H31: The Nearly Indestructible Waterproof Drone

The JJRC H31 may look like a pretty basic drone, but it has some hidden surprises. This little guy can take some serious abuse. The H31 was built to be durable and it’s even waterproof. So have no fear. Fly it. Crash it. Dunk it. The H31 can handle it. This drone is a steal for less than $30. Watch the Gearbest guys put it through the ringer.

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What Can You Expect from the H31?

The H31 is a simple drone. There isn’t a camera. There aren’t any fancy flight modes. However, what you get with the H31 is a nearly indestructible, waterproof quadcopter that is a blast to fly and crash.

The H31 does have three flight modes. Mode 1 is for beginners. In this mode, the H31 is pretty tame and easy to fly. Mode 2 is the one we recommend more experienced fliers use, it makes the H31 faster and more responsive. Mode 3, aka ludicrous mode, turns up the yaw control on this drone. In Mode 3 the H31 spins like a handheld fidgets. Mode 3 was created for doing tricks and is a lot of fun, but the yaw speed is so fast that it is difficult to race around. Mode 3 is really there for some fancy spinning tricks that you can’t do with most other drones.

Take a look at the waterproof JJRC H31 and its included remote

The other two features that the H31 has are headless mode and flips. Headless mode is helpful for orientation. The H31 flips with a push of a button adding to its fun factor.

JJRC waterproof drone
Take a look at the JJRC H31 from above.

Should You Get an H31?

If you are looking for a low-cost quadcopter that you can crash or take for a swim, then the H31 is the drone for you. The JJRC is no-frills fun for less than $30. It is hard to pass up a deal like this. Yes, this is the perfect 1st drone for someone. It is durable and a blast to fly.

Even if you already fly a hardcore machine like the DJI Inspire or the P4 Pro we’d recommend picking up this guy as well. Things you can safely do with the H31 that you won’t be doing with your fancy camera drone include spinning like a drunken sailor, landing on water, and crashing like its going out of style.

Pick one up today, you won’t regret it.

Check the price of the H31 on GearbestCheck the price of the H31 on Amazon
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