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Hubsan H507A Star Pro: GPS, Follow Me and HD under $100

Intelligent Flight Modes for Under $100

Hubsan is releasing a new HD-capable drone that has GPS, Waypoints, Follow Me, Orbit Mode and more, all for a price under $100. Advanced flight modes aren’t typically found for under $100 and Hubsan has found a way to do that with their new X4 Star Pro H507A.

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Hubsan Star Pro
Take a look at the Hubsan X4 Star Pro from the top

HD 720p WiFi FPV

The Star Pro boasts a 720p HD camera that will connect to your phone via WiFi to stream live FPV (first person view) footage from the drone. Some packages even include a WiFi booster so that you aren’t limited to the typical short range of most WiFi drones.

Smartphone Controlled

In addition to receiving the camera footage from your Hubsan, you will also use a smartphone or tablet to control the X4 Star Pro. Since this drone doesn’t come with a remote, it is positioned as a highly featured GPS-guided flying camera, rather than a highly maneuverable drone to race around in tight quarters.

The Hubsan app looks well built and intuitive.

GPS Stability and Features

The real selling point of this drone is its many flight modes. GPS allows this drone to be much more stable than its counterparts that are limited to altitude hold. You will also get Return to Home which can be activated by the pilot or will work as a fail safe if your battery gets too low.

H017 drone
The WiFi extender should help boost your signal and increase your range.

Other flight modes include Follow Me, Orbit, Waypoints, Headless Mode. The Star Pro features automatic takeoff and landing. The inclusion of all the GPS flight modes makes this drone a very attractive option at a price tag under $100.

Good Flight Time and Range

The Hubsan X4 Star Pro claims a decent flight time of up to 10 minutes. The range will be limited to your WiFi strength. The WiFi mobile relay device should be able to boost your range from 100 to 300 meters.

A Portable Drone

The Star Pro is not a large drone and measures about 10 inches (255 mm) x 10 inches (255 mm) x 2.5 inches (60mm). Without a physical remote this drone should be easy to transport and take with you.

Star Pro GPS
Take a look at the Hubsan X4 Star Pro from the front.

While we have yet to test the H507A, we are excited to get our hands on this intriguing GPS quad. We were hoping for brushless motors, so the brushed motors are a bit disappointing, but we will withhold judgement until we test them out for ourselves.

How Does it Compare?

We are hoping that Hubsan has learned with the H507A and has improved upon the H502E and H502S, their first attempts at inexpensive GPS drones. We didn’t have good luck with our model, a H502S. It seemed under-powered and the remote went through batteries quickly. If you are looking for something fast and fun the X4 H107 is a good option. Think of it as the H507A’s little brother.

H502 vs H107A
The Hubsan H502S was a great idea, but often fell short. We have hope the H507A is much better.

Should You Get an H507A?

This new H507A model brings some very promising features at an incredible price. We can’t wait to get our hands on one. For $99 it seems to be a steal.

Learn more about the Hubsan X4 Star Pro H507A
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