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DIY Drone: Build Your Own Drone Kit for Beginners

The DM002 Mini DIY Drone is a great and inexpensive drone kit. You don’t need serious mechanical skills or even the ability to solder to put it together. It really is a great way to understand the components that go into a drone (hint: there is a lot less to them than you might think). When you are done putting it together, you’ll have an excellent quadcopter that is fun to fly. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more inexpensive drone that performs as well as the DM002.

DM002 drone
The DIY Drone DM002 is a drone building kit.

Is It Easy to Build?

The DM002 DIY Drone can be put together in less than five minutes without any tools. The instructions are simple and the pictures are easy to follow. When you are done you will have the satisfaction of being able to tell someone you built it yourself. It’s up to you whether you tell your friends that you spent less than $20 on this drone.

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Watch us put the DM002 together below. It really is a simple process. We added some double-sided sticky tape to keep the flight controller in place. We also soldered on a connector so we could add an FPV camera.

The DM002 is a quick and nimble quadcopter that is fairly easy to fly. It has three different speeds making it easy to learn in slow mode, and when you get comfortable you can bump it up to medium and when you are feeling ready go full speed in high mode. The DM002 will also flip with the push of a button. Think of it as a Hubsan X4-lite.

Take a look at the fully assembled DIY DM002 drone.

Add an FPV Camera

You can get the DM002 with a 5.8 GHz FPV camera if you are ready to take flying to the next level. It doubles the cost of this inexpensive quadcopter but is still one of the more cost-effective drones to start FPV flying. The other option is to add an FPV camera of your own, that is what we did. Buying your camera separately will not necessarily save you money, so if you want the camera we recommend you get the upgraded version of this drone. This DIY drone with an FPV camera is more powerful than some of the other popular do-it-yourself options like the E010, E011 and Blade Inductrix.

DM002 with camera
You can opt for the DM002 with a camera or you can add your own.

If you want to learn more about flying FPV then check out this article. You’ll need to add some FPV goggles to get going but there really isn’t an experience quite like flying FPV.

DIY drone kit
You can get the DM002 in either black or white.

Should I Get a DM002?

The DM002 is a blast to fly and easy to put together.This DIY drone is a great idea for tinkerers and beginners alike. With a starting price of about $16 it is a deal that is hard to pass up. So the answer is YES, go buy this drone. If you want the FPV version and you don’t have any goggles yet, then read about which goggles are best for you here.

Check the price of the DM002Check the price of the DM002 with FPV


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Drone sale on amazon

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