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Parrot Bebop 2 Power: Hour Flight Time, FPV and More…

Parrot decided that their drone lineup needed a boost so they hit the drawing board and came up with the Bebop Power 2, a faster, more powerful, more efficient version of their Bebop 2. This machine can hit a top speed of 40 mph in Sport mode or be tamed down for aerial photography. You can hot-swap its batteries for a solid hour of fun. The Bebop 2 Power comes with a bunch of goodies like a range-extending controller and some FPV goggles too.

However, if you want to see the best Parrot has to offer then take a look at the new Parrot Anafi.

Check the price of the Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition

Bebop 2 Power Drone
The Bebop 2 power is an impressive machine

What’s New With the Bebop 2 Power

The Bebop 2 Power is the latest drone release from Parrot. They have upgraded the already impressive Bebop 2. The two biggest upgrades are the longer flight time and better video stabilization. You’ll now get two batteries capable of 30 minutes of flight each that you can quickly swap to get back in the game.

The Bebop 2 Power is fast and easy to launch and you can even get started by tossing it up into the air (we anticipate some drone-toss fail videos coming in the near future). The super wide angle lens will capture full 1080p HD video and image stabilization software will help smooth it out for you.

New Design

The new Bebop 2 Power has a sleek black design. Parrot has mixed both matte and glossy black finishes on this lightweight quadcopter. It was built to be durable and was put together with carbon fiber and Grilamid, a lightweight strong plastic.

RC Drone Quadcopter HD camera FPV
You’ll get a lot when you pick up the Bebop 2 Power Package.

Bebop 2 Power Extras

When you purchase the Bebob 2 Power you will get the Skycontroller 2 that will extend your range to 2000 meters as well as Cockpitglasses 2 for flying in immersive FPV. And of course the two 30-minute batteries for up to an hour of flying fun.

You’ll get the Cockpitglasses 2 for FPV flying.

Bebop 2 Power Camera

The Bebop 2 Power uses an impressively wide angle camera lens and patented 3-axis image stabilization software to produce HD quality video. The camera is capable of taking 14MP still photos as well. Not having a gimbal helps keep the weight and size of the Bebop down and this is one of the more portable drones on the market. The gimbal-free camera comes at some cost, however. All the distortion correction and digital image stabilization produce images and video that are not famous for their professional quality. For the higher quality images in this price range, you will want to take a look at the Phantom 3 SE or the DJI Spark if you want something smaller.

Bebop 2 Power Features

The Bebop 2 Power is a full-featured dual GPS drone. It is very stable and has all of the features you would expect on a GPS drone. It has multiple interesting video modes including Orbit, Tornado, Parabola, Boomerang and more. You can use it to capture selfies or have it follow you too. It has built-in features to help you track your video subject. And of course, it has a return-to-home function for a little piece-of-mind.

bebop 2 power
The Bebop 2 Power is a very stable flyer.

The Bebop 2 Power can also be flown without the Skycontroller 2 if you want to stay light and not worry about carrying it with you. You can fly it with your smartphone via a free app from Parrot. At Half Chrome we never advise using a phone’s WiFi Signal to control an expensive drone, so we suggest you stick with the Skycontroller 2.

Should I Order a Bebop 2 Power?

If you are looking for a full-featured GPS drone capable of HD quality video and don’t want to spend a bundle then the Bebop 2 Power is an option worth considering. The included Skycontroller 2, Cockpitglasses 2 and dual 30-minute batteries make this drone and excellent value at $599.

Order a Bebop 2 Power

This is a solid drone from Parrot. They’ve gone through some tumultuous times and laid off a third of their of their workforce at the start of the calendar year. They are hoping that this drone helps turn the tide for them. When their Parrot AR.Drone first came out Parrot was at the top alongside drone giant DJI. Since that first success, they have struggled to repeat and have consistently lost market share. Given how much you get in this package, we think sales of the Bebop 2 Power may give Parrot a bit of a boost this upcoming holiday season.

Other Options

The Bebop 2 Power is a good little drone. If you want to explore some similar drones then we’ve got two different options for you. First is the DJI Spark. It is smaller and more portable. It has a lot of the same features and starts at $499. The image quality of the Spark surpasses that of any Bebop model. The original Bebop is still a pretty good drone as well and you can pick up a refurbished unit from Parrot for $169, a great deal.

Order a DJI SparkOrder an original Bebop

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