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JJRC H49: The Thinnest Selfie Drone You Can Buy

JJRC H49 Sol

Starting under $50

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • ▪ Great Folding Design
  • ▪ Super light and portable
  • ▪ HD Camera
  • CONS:
  • ▪ Not suitable for windy days
  • ▪ Not ascetically pleasing


  • Flight Time: 5 minutes
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Size: 10 x 6.3 x 0.85 cm
  • Camera: 2 MP 720p

The JJRC H49 is yet another foldable selfie drone from JJRC, the company that brought us the original Elfie. Like the battle for the world’s thinnest mobile phone, there seems to be a new fight to achieve the world’s thinnest compact selfie drone.

The JJRC H49 may have achieved that, it is incredibly thin at under one-centimeter thick. This is one of the smallest selfie drones we’ve ever seen. Chances are your smartphone is both bigger and heavier than this tiny dynamo.

JJRC H49 Sol
Watch the H49 Sol unfold and fly away.

Immediately I was impressed by this little quad. It is impressively small and light. It is super easy to both fold and unfold. Even the remote is incredibly light and thin. This really is a portable drone.

JJRC H49 RC quadcopter drone with camera
The JJRC H49 is an ultra-thin selfie drone.

JJRC H49 Sol Features

JJRC packed some good features into this compact machine. It features a 720p HD camera, altitude hold, WiFi FPV, and can be flown with either your smartphone or its compact remote controller. Not only is the H49 small, but the remote also can fit in your pocket.

JJRC H49 best HD selfie drone
The JJRC H49 is staring at you.

Probably the biggest improvement on the H49 is that the propellers are directly attached to the motors, there are no gears. Gears are a common weak point for small selfie drones and JJRC has answered with this gearless quad.

The Camera

It is nice to see the drone manufacturers starting to ditch the horrible 0.3 MP cameras in favor of the HD 2 MP camera that you see on the JJRC H49 Sol. You will have to fly slow to ensure you get a good picture or solid video because there isn’t any stabilization software on this drone. It does take solid selfies. See below.

You’ll get a live video feed streamed to your phone if you are connected to the free smartphone app. The pictures and video are stored directly to your phone so you can easily share them with friends and family via text, email or social media.


jjrc h49 sol
You can easily take the drone and the remote with you.

Should You Get a JJRC H49?

JJRC selfie drone
Here is the H49 with Asus smartphone and a DJI Spark so you can see just how small it is.

As the selfie drone trend continues, it is nice to see some unique designs and twists. We like the H49, but JJRC has made some sacrifices in the quest for the thinnest selfie drone. The biggest concern is the exposed propellers when the drone is folded up. With half of each propeller exposed it is possible to bend or break them during transport. They are pretty flexible but you may want to take some precautions.

H49 selfie quadcopter
You’ll get some extra props, a tool, a charger, remote and of course the drone.

The second sacrifice is the drone’s styling. The ultra-thin design of the H49 doesn’t have some of the smooth curves of previous models. Look and style is more of a personal thing. Read on for an alternative with a different look.

If you prefer something with a different style and better protection for the propellers then take a look at the Baby Elfie or the Eachine E56. Both of them have HD cameras. Check the latest price of the Baby Elfie.

DJI Spark vs H49
The DJI Spark, H49 and Elfie.

Even though both drones sport a 720 HD camera, you can’t expect the same quality of photos from the H49 Sol or really any selfie drone that you get from something like a DJI Spark. These small selfie drone also won’t perform well outdoors on windy days. Both little quads will be able to do what they were designed to do…take selfies. If you like the stying, the gearless motors, and the thin design of the latest JJRC selfie drone, then you definitely need to check out the H49 Sol by JJRC.

Order a JJRC H49 Sol
H49 selfie drone
The H49 has a lot of features for a small drone

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