QX95S micro FPV

Eachine QX95S: An Upgraded Micro FPV Quad

Eachine QX95S

Starting around $60

Overall Quality


Ease of Use













  • PROS:
  • Powerful motors and LiHV battery
  • Adjustable Angle Camera
  • OSD
  • Beeper
  • CONS:
  • Two Propeller Types
  • Need to Bind/Setup
  • Short Flight Time
  • Fragile Propellers


  • Range: 100 m (VTX limited)
  • Flight Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Camera: 600 TVL
  • VTX: 25 mw 48 channels

The Eachine QX95S is an upgrade to a popular micro quad. Eachine made some small but important upgrades with the QX95S. If you are looking for a small but powerful brushed quad then read on.

What is the Eachine QX95S?

The QX95S is a typical brushed micro FPV quad in a lot of respects. It isn’t flashy but can get the job done. The micro QX line-up of drones from Eachine are popular because of that and this S model adds a few important upgrades. If you are looking for a no-frills micro brushed racer this is an excellent place to start.

QX95S quadcopter
The different front and rear propellers was an interesting design touch of the QX95S

Eachine QX95S Improvements

The frame is a little sturdier than its predecessor. You’ll get more powerful “Dark Edition” motors. They’ve opted to use a LiHV battery that delivers better power and efficiency. The QX95S gets a much-needed beeper and provides a built-in OSD. It is also a little smaller, more a 90mm machine now than a 95 mm model.

LiHV battery
The LiHV is an interesting upgrade option for the Eachine QX95S.

The Eachine QX95S Camera and VTX

The QX95S comes with a 600 TVL camera with a 25 mW VTX with 48 channels. The camera angle is adjustable from 15 to 35 degrees. There isn’t any isolation mounts or dampers so you may experience some jello from vibrations.

Eachine FPV
Take a look at the adjustable camera on the QX95S.

Eachine QX95S Design

One of the odder changes is that the QX95S comes with two different types of propellers. The front propellers are the Hubsan LadyBird style, but the rear ones are the rounded X4 style props. This is probably due to size restrictions from the quad being more compact than the original QX95. You will want to stock both kinds of propellers for quick repairs.

Best Eachine Micro Quadcopter
This is what you’ll get in the box of the QX95S.

The QX95S is, of course, compatible with Betaflight and comes with version 3.1 preloaded. It flies pretty well right out of the box so tuning it isn’t a necessity. You can get it with either a Frysky, Flysky or DSMX receiver. The model that we tested had a FrSky receiver.

Eachine qx95 vs QX95s
Lots of good upgrades on the QX95S.

Should I Get a QX95S?

Overall the QX95S is an excellent little micro FPV quad. It is one of the best brushless options out there right now. No, it isn’t perfect. The propellers are strangly fragile and I went through a handful before I found the sweet spot. But this little quad has some spunk. If you are looking for a small micro FPV brushed quad then we would definitely recommend the QX95S. It is a definite improvement over the original QX95, but also better than the popular QX90 and QX90C models as well. For around $60 the Eachine QX95S is a solid deal.

Order an Eachine QX95C
Eachine QX95S
Take a look at the underside of the Eachine QX95S

Other Options

If you are looking for something that is more of an all-in-one solution then the Eachine Q90C is probably the best out there. You’ll get a quad with almost as much punch as the QX95S and you can get a remote and FPV goggles for under $80. That’s a steal.

Learn more about the Q90COrder the Q90C
Q90C quad
You’ll get the Q90C, FPV goggles and a remote transmitter.

If you want more power then you’ll want to look into a brushed micro FPV quad. There are a handful of awesome options out there.  Check this out to find the perfect one for you.

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