110GT drone

KingKong 110GT: This is one baaad micro

KingKong 110GT

Starting just over $100

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • ▪ Fast and Agile
  • ▪ Compact Design
  • CONS:
  • ▪ Doesn't come with 3S battery
  • ▪ No beeper/OSD


  • Range: 600 meters (not VTX)
  • Flight Time: 4-6 min
  • Weight: 63.7 grams
  • Size: Micro
  • Camera: 800 TVL 150-degree FOV

The KingKong 90GT was an instant classic. It was one of the first good small brushless micro drones. Now KingKong has built two bigger and badder versions, the 95GT and the 110GT. We are going to focus on the biggest and the baddest, the 110GT. If you want to learn more about brushless micro drones then check out our breakdown here.

KingKong 90GT vs 110GT
Take a look at the KingKong 90GT and the KingKong 110GT

What makes the 110GT different?

The first and most obvious difference is its size. It is the largest of the three. One might assume it has a 110 mm wingspan, but it actually measures a little larger at 117 mm. The 110GT shares the upgraded BL Heli 10 amp ESCs as the 95GT. However, the 110GT boasts 1105 8500KV motors and they accommodate larger 2840 tri blade propellers. Like the 95GT it ships with a slightly better battery, a 2S 350mah 35C power source. It is also capable of even more power if you opt for a 3S battery. For a full comparison of the three KingKong GT models click here.

110GT vs 95GT
Take a quick look at how these micro quads from KingKong stack up against each other

Feel the Power

These upgrades ensure that the 110GT is the most powerful of the three. We will be thrust testing it soon. Click here to see exactly how powerful it really is.

KingKong 110GT drone

All this means is that the 110GT is a ton of fun to fly. It is hard to find something this small that is this fast. Out of the box it is tuned pretty well, so if you aren’t super comfortable messing with PIDs it isn’t something you’ll have to do.

The design of the quad is pretty basic. It has a sturdy carbon fiber frame and comes with two plastic shells to cover the internal components. The carbon fiber arms don’t have any extra supports, so we will have to see how they withstand crashes. Also changing the channel on the VTX or connecting the USB to tune in Betaflight requires removing the plastic shell. If this is something you do a lot we recommend drilling a hole in the top for easy access.

KingKong 110GT
Take a look at the KingKong 110GT from the top.

The 110GT is powerful on a 2S battery, but it is a beast on a 3S. In fact, it almost needs a 3S battery. We had some issues with the VTX losing signal on full throttle punch outs. As it turns out this is a common issue. The solution is to use a more powerful battery.  But before you can do this you will have to do some modifications to the drone. It seems some models shipped with JST battery connectors, but ours uses the standard 2S balance plug. To fly 3S we have to perform minor surgery. Some people prefer the XT30 connector to the JST because it may have better conductivity. Either way, pick one and go with that.

King Kong Quad
The KingKong 110GT comes with and extra set of props, a second protective shell, 2S battery, USB cable and some misc supplies all in a convenient plastic case.

You can get the 110GT with a few different receivers. They offer Frsky, Flysky, Spectrum and Futaba options as well as a PNP version if you want to add your own receiver. We picked up a FrSky and paired it to our Taranis QX7.

Taranis and KingKong
The Taranis QX7 is an excellent transmitter to use with the 110GT

The 110GT doesn’t ship with the latest version of Betaflight, so you’ll have to flash the newest version in order to take advantage of DShot600. This sounds like a lot, but it isn’t difficult and is definitely something you should do. Also, there isn’t a beeper on this, so we recommend that you set the ESCs to beep after one minute of inactivity. Watch the video below to get it done.

How could it improve?

The KingKong 110GT isn’t the perfect quad. It doesn’t have a dedicated beeper or OSD, but maybe that is just being picky. A 25/200mw switchable VTX would also be pretty nice. If we want to be picky then KingKong should include a 3S battery. However adding these improvements would also likely increase the cost. As it stands the 110GT checks in pretty close to $100 and that is a heck of a deal. We probably wouldn’t change much else on this mean machine.

King Kong 90GT vs 110GT
The KingKong 110GT with the smaller 90GT

Should you get a KingKong110GT?

If you are looking for a blazing fast micro FPV quad that won’t break the bank then the 110GT is a solid option. You’ll be hard pressed to find a smaller quad with the power that the 110GT has, even on a 2S battery. It isn’t the smallest micro on the block, but it might be one of the fastest.

Check the current price of the KingKong 110GT

 You can even save 18% if you order from GearBest with code: RC18OFF. That should bring the price down to $105.99.

KingKong Flying Egg

We haven’t had a chance to fly one of these yet but they are a little different twist on the GT models. The Flying Egg models have aluminium protection and add beepers to the quad. Right now you can score a solid deal from GearBest with the code: KKEGG130FL. This will drop the price on the King Kong Flying Egg 130 to $111.99.



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