GT90 King Kong

King Kong 90GT: A Small but Powerful Brushless Micro Quad

King Kong 90GT

Starting around $100

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • ▪ Powerful Brushless Motors
  • ▪ Compact Design
  • CONS:
  • ▪ Prop Guards Aren't Easy to Install
  • ▪ Doen't Come RTF with a Remote


  • Range: 300 m
  • Flight Time: 4-6 min
  • Camera: 800 TVL with a 150-degree FOV
  • Size: Micro

KingKong GT90 Spinning

The King Kong 90GT is a compact brushless motor microdrone with a sturdy frame, flexible antenna, and plenty of power. If you are a fan of the Eachine QX90 or Hubsan X4 brushed motor drones, then you need to look into the King Kong GT90. It is about the same size as these popular drones, but the brushless motors and tunable flight parameters mean the King Kong leaves the competition in the dust.

King Kong GT90
The King Kong GT90 is looking right at you.

What is the King Kong 90GT?

The King Kong was built on a solid carbon fiber frame that seems a lot stronger than the thin frames delivered on competitive models. It has an 800TVL camera with a 150-degree field of view and a good 16-channel 25 mW transmitter. The GT90 uses the reliable F3 flight controller and is fully customizable in Betaflight. It is powered by a 7.4V 350 mAh 2S battery. That is more than enough power to get this 42.9-gram quad flying with speed.

GT90 Drone
Take a look at the underside of the 90GT. The receiver needed to be attached with the included double sided tape.

The ESCs are a 4-in-1 design by BLHeli and are capable of DShot. DShot is recommended over OneShot and Multishot as the digital transmission should be faster and more responsive.

King Kong GT90
Here is what you’ll get with the 90GT

The 90GT comes with propeller guards if you want to fly indoors, but we recommend you take this punchy little drone outdoors for some fun.

The 90GT is a BNF quad, so that means you’ll need to provide your own transmitter to get this guy in the air. You can either choose the DSM2/DSMX or FrSky version. There is also a PNP version so you can provide your own receiver if you’d like.

King Kong Quadcopter
Rear view of the King Kong 90GT

The 90GT shipped in a convenient little box that works great as a way to transport the quad and keep all of its components in one place. This may not seem like a lot, but is a nice touch.

GT90 racing quad
The 90GT and all of its components fit nicely in the storage container, but it wont fit with the prop gaurds on.

Is the King Kong the Right Quad for You?

The 90GT is an excellent quadcopter for anyone that wants to take a step up from flying brushed-motor quads. It is heads and shoulders better than the fan-favorite QX90. Another good option if you want something a little bigger, but don’t want to get a full sized racer, is the Blade Torrent. It is a little larger and more powerful and it can handle 3S batteries. While the Torrent is bigger and faster, it is also more expensive.

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If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of binding the 90GT, or if you don’t have one of the necessary and expensive remotes, then you may want to look into the DYS Elf. The Elf, like the 90GT, is a brushless quad and has a lot more power than anything with brushed motors. The Elf utilizes a ducted motor design, similar to the Inductrix, but the Elf has an added bonus that it comes equipped with a quality remote included.

DYS Elf vs King Kong GT90
The DYS Elf in red on the left and the King Kong 90GT on the right

Other KingKong Options

Yes, there are two updated versions of the 90GT. There is the slightly larger 95GT and the even more powerful 110GT. These are both awesome machines you may want to consider. Check out our comparison of the three quads here.

110GT vs 95GT
Take a quick look at how these micro quads from KingKong stack up against each other

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fun, small brushless quad then the King Kong 90GT might be the right quad for you. It is durable and easy to transport. If you already have a transmitter to bind it to then it is something you should definitely look into. If you want more info on the King Kong 90GT the guys at Propwashed did an excellent review and setup guide you should check out. Read about it here.

Check the Current Price of the King Kong 90GT

Update Your KingKong

In order to take advantage of DShot you’ll have to update your Betaflight firmware. We’ll also show you how to use the ESCs as a beeper and teach you a trick if you happen to get stuck in a tree. Watch the video below.


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