Eachine QX70 vs. QX90: Which is the Better Mini FPV Drone?

There are a lot of starter mini and micro FPV drones out there and Eachine makes two of the most popular ones, the QX90 and QX70. When we take a look at their specs they appear very similar. However, they are actually some important differences. We are fans of one, but not of the other. First, let’s talk about what makes them similar.

Eachine QX70 vs QX90
Eachine QX70(yellow) and Eachine QX90(black)

Both drones are built on the same F3 flight controller, can be tuned in CleanFlight and are Betaflight compatible. The motors are the same powerful 8520 brushed motors. They have similar 520 TVL CMOS cameras perched in the middle of the drone. Both are powered by 3.7v 1S motors. The QX90 tips the scales at 54g and the QX70 checks in at 54.5g. The guts of these guys are essentially the same, but they fly and perform very differently for various reasons.


Looking at these drones you’ll notice right away they have two completely different designs. The QX70 is a ducted motor drone with 4-blade propellers. It has a bright yellow plastic frame. The QX70 also sports a very bright LED bar in the rear.

Eachine QX70
The ducted motor Eachine QX70

The QX90 is an open motor X-frame design and is made of carbon fiber. There is also a lighter and slightly more inexpensive yellow plastic version. It is lighter, but also not quite as rigid. You’ll have to decide which is more important for you. The QX90 is propelled by 2-blade propellers instead of the QX70’s 4-blade props. So what does this mean in terms of how they fly?

Eachine QX90
The Eachine QX90
QX90: The Right Choice

The QX90 outperforms the QX70 in every way. It is faster, more durable and more maneuverable. The plastic frame of the QX70 is fragile and can’t compare to the strong carbon fiber of the QX90. The biggest issue with the QX70 is the inefficient propellers. We have done some extensive propeller testing. The larger 2-blade props create more thrust and are more efficient. The smaller 4-blade propellers on the QX70 can’t generate enough thrust to fly the QX70 well. Don’t think that chopping them down to make two blade propellers will solve your problems. It won’t, in fact, they will be worse. Sure you probably could go into CleanFlight and adjust the settings and get it flying better, but it still won’t come close to the performance of a QX90. We experimented a little by flying with smaller Hubsan X4 380mAh batteries. These lighter batteries do help make the drone more responsive but don’t sit well in the vertical battery holder. You could do some modding to improve the QX70 and it can be a solid machine, but it takes some work.

Props Comparison
The 2-blade QX90 prop delivers 53% more thrust than the equivalent 4-blade prop from the Eachine QX-70, don’t bother converting your 4-blade propellers to 2-blade props unless you are looking to decrease your thrust 16%.

It is clear that the QX90 performs better than the QX70. It is also a lot easier to get spare parts for the QX90 as well. The propellers and the propeller guard for the QX90 are the same as the Hubsan X4 and are readily available. We have even created an Amazon store to get quick and convenient parts.  The Eachine QX90 is superior to the QX70, but there is a solution if you already purchased a QX70. Convert it to a QX90. It isn’t difficult. You’ll need a QX90 frame and some small tools. It could still probably use a little tuning in CleanFlight.  

QX70 on a QX90 Frame
If you already own a QX70 it can be stripped down and put on an inexpensive QX90 frame with relative ease.

Alright, it looks like a Frankenstein drone, but it flies better now. We decided the camera holder wasn’t necessary and repositioned the battery. So it has seen some updates.

You may have seen similar models micro models from Eachine. There’s a QX95, a QX110, a QX90C and the list of QX’s goes on. Skip them. The QX90 is the best of the bunch. They are all essentially built on the same platform, but the QX90 hits the sweet spot.

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