Hubsan H107 accessories

Hubsan X4 (H107) Accessories

The Hubsan X4 (H107) mini drones are some of the most popular drones for beginners because they are affordable, easy to fly, and they can take a lot of abuse. Half Chrome recommends the H107D with FPV as a good starter FPV drone and the H107C as a fun little camera drone. With your purchase, you will get everything you will need to start flying, but you don’t have everything you will really want. We have gathered up a collection of accessories that you should at least consider for your Hubsan X4. Most of these accessories also fit the popular Holy Stone HS170. It was essentially built to mimic the Hubsan.

We have created a convenient Amazon store for you to easily add items directly to your Amazon shopping cart. Click below to access that easy interface. Otherwise, read on below for a description of the Hubsan X4 Accessories that we recommend.

Hubsan aStore

Must Have Hubsan X4 Accessories

If you like flying your drone you will want more than a few minutes of flight separated by about 45 minutes of charging. So pick up some extra batteries to keep you flying longer.  Check the latest price on Amazon.

Hubsan Batteries

OK, so you got in 5 flights and you could use a break, but you don’t want to charge those batteries one at a time. Get some more chargers or a multi-charger to get you back flying again as soon as possible. Check the latest price on Amazon.


Everyone ends up needing extra props at some point. Sometimes props fly off or are damaged in crashes. If you are like us then you will have a lot of crashes. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Hubsan Props

Must Have Hubsan X4 Accessories for your Camera Drone

If your Hubsan has a camera you are likely going to want to record your exploits. So pick up a memory card a card reader. Use the links or the images to get the latest prices.

Memory Card Card Reader

Recommended Hubsan X4 Accessories

A prop guard can help beginners, especially when flying inside. It will turn some of your potential crashes into minor bumps off the walls. You might as well get some extra props at the same time. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Hubsan prop guard

If your Hubsan has a camera you might get frustrated with the limited field of view. You can try expanding your view of the world with an add-on fisheye lens.


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