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King Kong 90GT vs 95GT vs 110GT: Which is the Best?

The King Kong 90GT is one of the best brushless micro FPV racers out there. Its small form factor and powerful brushless motors make it an absolute blast to fly. Brushed quads like the Eachine QX90 can’t hold a candle to the performance brushless quads like the King Kong 90GT. King Kong has followed up the 90GT with two new brushless quads, the 90GT and 110GT. How do they stack up against their smaller predecessor? Let’s take a look.

90GT vs 95GT vs 110GT

90GT VS 110GT

What are the differences?

As you can see, a lot of the specs on the three quadcopters are the same. They have the same flight controller, camera, and transmitter. The larger 95GT and 110GT both have a 10A ESC, which allows them to handle more powerful 3S motors. The 90GT and 95GT share the same 1103 7800KV motors as well as 1935 tri-blade propellers. The 110GT gets bigger and more powerful 1105 8500KV motors.

King Kong GT95
Have a look at the 95GT with its propeller guards

Small minor improvements

One improvement King Kong made on both the 95GT and 110GT that we like is the lightweight canopy protecting the flight controller, camera, and transmitter. It gives the quad a sleek, aerodynamic look. Both newer quads come with both a white and a yellow canopy.

KingKong GT90 Spinning
Take a look at the original King Kong 90GT from all angles.

Which one should you get?

It looks hard to go wrong with any of these three FPV quads. The  95GT can handle a 3S battery, and it’s wide stance help make it a little bit more stable than the smaller 90GT. The canopy also helps protect the internal components, but make it difficult to change the channels on the FPV transmitter. It is clearly an upgrade from the 90GT. The 110GT is an even more powerful beast. Its power-to-weight ratio is even better than the impressive 90GT and 95GT. We haven’t flown the 110GT yet, but our recommendation based on specs is to skip the 90GT and 95GT and go for the 110GT. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the 90GT or 95GT either.

best brushless micro
Take a look at the KingKong 110GT.

If you are looking for something fun to fly that isn’t big and won’t break the bank then you need to pick up one of these King Kong beasts.

Check the price on the 90GT
Check the price on the 95GT
Check the price on the 110GT

Update Your KingKong

Unfortunately none of these quads ship with the latest version of Betaflight, so you’ll have to flash the newest version in order to take advantage of DShot600. This sounds a lot harder than it is and is definitely something you should do. Also, there isn’t a beeper on any of these quads, so we recommend that you set the ESCs to beep after one minute of inactivity. We’ll even teach you a trick to get your quad out of a tree. Not that you’d crash it into a tree…Watch the video below to get it done.

An Alternative Micro FPV Racer

If you are new to micros we recommend you take a look at the DYS Elf. It is a little smaller than the 90GT, but is a lot more durable. It’s ducted design and solid canopy make this an ideal first brushless quad. It has plenty of power and is a blast to fly. You can even get the DYS Elf with a solid remote transmitter. It is a great all in one package.

Learn more about the ElfCheck the price of the Elf
Elf vs GT90
DYS Elf in red and King Kong GT90 in black


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