BetaFPV Beta75x with Naked DJI Caddx Vista

The BetaFPV Beta75x with the DJI Caddx Vista is an awesome concept. It is an absolute blast to fly. It is the lightest HD whoop I’ve ever flown. It performs a lot like a lightweight analog whoop but has the benefit of the HD digital FPV feed. However, it does have one large flaw.

The BetaFPV Beta75x

The BetaFPV Beta75x is a digital whoop that relies on the DJI Caddx Vista system. However this is a modified Caddx Vista. It has been de-cased, lightened. Many refer to it as a “naked” Caddx Vista. It is roughly 10 grams lighter than a traditional Vista unit and that reduced weight has a large positive impact on the way the quad will perform.

The BetaFPV Beta75x

The BetaFPV Beta75x relies on an AIO F4 flight controller with a 12 amp ESC. The motors are 1103, 8000 kv brushless motors and they are pushing 40 mm 4-blade propellers. It can fly on 2S or 3S batteries and you can expect to get 2.5-3 minutes on the recommended 300 mah battery. It flies exceptionally well and has good zip on a 3S battery. If you want to extend your flights and keep things smooth I like the feel on a 550 mah 2S battery.

naked caddx vista

The Nebula camera connected to the Caddx Vista produces a good picture. However, it isn’t quite as nice as the micro or standard DJI Air Unit camera. But it is lighter and a good choice for this drone. You will definitely want to upgrade the firmware on your FPV Beta75x using the DJI Assistant to get the crisp 50 mbps bit rate.

The BetaFPV Beta75x

I recommend using the DJI remote instead of adding a receiver if you can. Binding is fairly simple and is outlined in the video above. The BetaFPV Beta75x only weighs 55 grams and is a very good option if you are looking for an HD whoop. However, it does have one big issue.

The BetaFPV Beta75x

The BetaFPV Beta75x Issue

The BetaFPV Beta75x has one big issue. The frame is fragile. It is one of the most fragile frames I’ve experienced in a while. It cracked on a drop from about 4 feet to a carpeted floor. After two full batteries, each duct was cracked or broken in at least one spot. Finding a better frame won’t be difficult, but it is a sad choice for what could have been a home run of a quad. I still prefer it to the GEPRC Thinking P16 whoop that also has the Caddx Vista.

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The BetaFPV Beta75x

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