Bugs 19 EIS

MJX Bugs 19 EIS | This is a great alternative to the DJI Mini

The MJX Bugs 19 is the newest entry into the growing “Mini” class of drones. Drones that weigh less than 250 grams have fewer restrictions in many countries and offer advantages beyond just their smaller size. This is MJX’s second effort into the sub-250 gram mini drone category and we think the EIS version has a lot of potential.

DJI has made four models, the Mavic Mini, the Mini SE, the Mini 2, and now the Mini 3 Pro Xiaomi and Hubsan have followed suit with their own versions of the Mini. Now it is MJX’s turn at the sub-250 gram Mini. The MJX Bugs lineup has churned out a handful of good value drones and the B19 with EIS looks like another winner.

MJX Bugs 19 EIS

MJX Bugs 19

There are two versions of the MJX Bugs 19. The B19 4K and the B19 EIS. The major different between the two drones is that the Bugs 19 EIS has image stabilization. The standard Bugs 19 footage is very shaky and not usable for many applications. The EIS crops the video a bit but offers smoother footage that you cannot get from any other sub 250 gram drone for less than $200. While it it better than most it certainly isn’t professional quality. The EIS of the Bugs 19 isn’t nearly as good as the EIS of early models like the Bugs 12 or Bugs 20. It is a step in the right direction but still needs some work. If you are looking for a good low cost option that captures really good footage then take a look at the $299 DJI Mini SE. It is hands down the best drone you can get for less than $300.

MJX Bugs 19 EIS vs DJI Mini 2
MJX Bugs 19 EIS vs DJI Mini 2

This would be a great beginner drone, especially at its $160 price. We like the idea of the EIS drone. After testing the standard version we’d suggest you wait for it to be officially released. MJX does a good job with the EIS cameras. It won’t be on par with the DJI drones but you can buy an entire fleet of these quads for the price of some of the DJI offerings.

MJX Bugs 19 EIS

MJX B19 Features

This will be a GPS drone that will also feature optical flow sensors for added stability. The Bugs 19 will use 1503, 2900KV motors that will help give it a flight time of around 21 minutes. We expect a range of 300 meters.The B19 has an orbit, follow me, headless mode and return to home.

MJX Bugs 19 EIS

Should you get the MJX Bugs 19?

The MJX B19 is still in the testing phases, but we like what MJX has done in the past. If this drone can deliver a stabilized camera under 250 grams for around $200 we would absolutely recommend it. Will it beat out the DJI Mini or Mini 2? We don’t think so. However, it may be a solid alternative to the Xiaomi Fimi Mini and Hubsan Mini drones.

Learn more about the MJX Bugs 19 here
MJX Bugs 19 EIS in flight
MJX Bugs 19 EIS in flight

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